Kathy Griffin Clothes Off Again!

Ok, as person who has lost weight, put on some muscle and looks a bit more fabulous then I did in high school, I understand the tendency to be shirtless or near naked in public. You want to tell the world: “Look at me–I’m hot now.”

Again in her Bra n Panties!

But after a few times of exposing your new hotter body it’s time to give it a rest. You look like you’re trying to hard and it reeks of desperation.  Trust me I have been there.

My best advice for Kathy Griffin is to be places where you’re suppose to be half-naked (beach, spa, shower..), call the paparazzi to takes pictures and leak them. In order to get maximum exposure be caught frolicking with some hot young shirtless dude. This way it doesn’t look like you’re trying to hard, but it’s the “horrible” paparazzi who have invaded your privacy.  And the addition of a hot young stud will just increase your reach with the ladies and gays. After all you want the entire world to know your hot–why just stop at straight guys.

Kathy can always call up Heidi Klum, some how she is always “caught” topless on one beach or another.

How is Heidi Klum always caught topless.

Just google: Heidi Klum Topless and you will be inundated with an endless supply of her in a bikini or less. She has mastered the away to show off her 40 something year-old body without doing it herself.

Kyra Sedgwick

If Hidi Klum doesn’t pick up ring Kyra Sedgwick–check out her photo she was just “caught” frolicking on a beach.

Finally this is at least the second time you got half-naked for Anderson. He seems very un-effected; it should be sending up some red flags at this point.

(if you beg – I’ll put up my before and after. Ok please beg I want the world to know I have a semi-hot body too)

More of Kathy showing off her body:


Kathy Stripping for David Letterman (start at 1:00 mark)


Again Anderson just doesn’t seem to care Kathy is naked. it’s a mystery



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