Lady Gaga No Fat-Checking

The New York Daily News, The View, The Wendy Williams Show and several other media outlets reported a photoshopped picture of Lady Gaga looking fat as fact. Two pictures taken of Lady Gaga appearing heavy at her Amsterdam concert are going viral on the internet and mainstream media. On the internet you can understand such blatant falsehoods being perpetrated, but when it hits mainstream media it’s a bit shocking especially when it was so easy to debunk those pictures.

Here is a video from the Amsterdam concert, that can’t be photoshopped, showing Lady Gaga is clearly not fat:

Another Video (skip to the 4:22 for ass shot)

An untouched Photo of Gaga:

Lady Gaga Re-touched photo:

The pictures if not photoshopped are at the best very unflattering shots that are not representative of how she really looks.

Know-nothing celebrities are getting into the act too. The New York Post quotes Kelly Osborn as speculating Gaga is pregnant. That’s a brilliant observation–NOT. And why do people care what Kelly Osborn’s opinion is anyway. What are her qualifications for commenting on Lady Gaga’s state of pregnancy? Having two eyes! Gee, it takes very little brain power to formulate the opinion: a woman gaining weight might be pregnant. The only snag in that argument is that Gaga took two hits of a joint at the concert. If Gaga was preggers I’m sure she would be smart enough not to jeopardized the baby’s health by smoking pot.

Gaga smoking pot:

Anytime a female celebrity gains weight in her child-bearing years people speculate she’s pregnant. It’s just a politically correct way of calling someone fat from people who pride themselves for not buying into the media’s image of an ideal woman when if fact they are just doing that.

Can the media use their brain or at least search Google before running such an absurd story? There are only two pictures circulating of Lady Gaga looking fat from her concert in Amsterdam. The stadium in Amsterdam holds over 17,000 people all of whom have cameras and like to post their content to social media. Doesn’t that strike anyone in the media as odd there only two pictures of Lady Gaga appearing fat?

It’s a sad commentary on the media on just how eager they were to jump on a blatantly false story that brings someone down when it was so easy to refute.


On a side note: I’m sick of the meat dress jokes – if you’re gonna be an a-hole come up with some original material.

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