Little Monsters Gone Rabid!

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters show their grizzly teeth when their idol comes under attack. D-Listers beware! The most recent victim is Perez Hilton. Gaga insinuated Perez was a stalker when the gossip impresario viewed an apartment in her swanky Upper Westside building. Perez “claims” to had no idea Lady Gaga lived in that building. Not a very astute celebrity gossip blogger, if you ask me, especially since Gaga’s address was published in the New York Times’ real-estate section–it’s far from a state secret.

Gaga was tipped off to Perez’s apartment hunting via Twitter by @PrinceNeptune_. Who just happened to be casing Gaga’s building for unwanted guest while she was in LA. In this bizarre, but highly fascinating, drama Gaga tweets to commands to her personal army:

Lady Gaga Preze Hilton Prince Nepture Take Picture

Gaga even attempted to authorized @PrinceNeptune_ entry into her building to snap a photo of the menacing perpetrator.  As fabulous as it might be to have Lady Gaga in your building this is a bit too far. I’m sure @PrinceNeptune_ is a nice guy, but this in New York City–kooks are lurking around every corner. Based on the Twitter banter the building wasn’t having any of it–the doorman never let the purple haired LIttle Monster in. It ended with Gaga telling her troops to retreat:

Lady Gaga Perez Hilton Dont be scared

Gaga, a life long resident of Manhattan, should have known people don’t just get to enter a building on a whim. Didn’t Gaga ever hear about the killer that posed as a delivery guy, entered a building and murdered a tenant. If you need a picture of Perez so bad check out the nearest public restroom; I’m sure you will find him on his knees up to no good.

Anywho this little dust-up served as a call to arms for Gaga’s Little Monsters. Perez alleges he was barraged with threatening tweets from Gaga’s fans. The same wrath was bestowed upon Kelly Osborne a few years ago when she said:

“She’s (Lady Gaga) a Butter Face. She has everything but the face. She reminds me of Peaches Geldof. I love Lady Gaga’s tracks but I just wish she’d keep her mouth shut. She talks way too much and has too much attitude. It’s starting to make me go off her.”

Mmmm I wonder why the Little Monster were so upset.

The Little Monsters’ backlash was so intense for Kelly that her mom had to get involved. Mama Osborne sent Gaga an open letter pleading for her to call her fans off. Either Kelly is in grade school or they are both are tireless fame whores?

Let’s just say, for argument sake, the Little Monsters did actually threaten these D-List celebrities–so what! How do I say this delicately: are Perez and Kelly the two biggest pussies ever. What’s a Little Monster gonna do–glitter bomb you to death. Are these vicious monsters going to mount their fleet of magical unicorns and beat you with disco sticks. Have you seen a picture of some of these monsters? The majority of them weigh about 40 pounds wet–not very much of a threat.

Now it would be a completely different story if Perez’s and Kelly’s beef was with with Kanye West’s, Eminem’s or just about any rappers’ fans. Those homies aren’t playin’ around. Remember the late Notorious B.I.G. Let’s get real–that’s some serious shit!

I do find it odd that higher profile celebrities critical of Gaga don’t find themselves in such hot water with the Little Monsters. In fact, Lana Del Ray sang an unflattering song about Gaga and wasn’t inundated with death threats.

Azealia Banks seemed to weather the Little Monsters’ rage perfectly fine after this nasty tweet:

Twitter / AZEALIABANKS: On a scale of 1-10, how out …On a scale of 1-10, how out of ideas is Lady Gaga?

Embedly Powered

The responses to Azealia’s tweet were actually quite tame, including Gaga’s.

So what gives! Are Perez and Kelly irrational fearing harmless fans or blatant opportunists.


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