Madonna in Meltdown!

Madonna can’t get a tit up in this war with Gaga. The feud came to a head when Lady Gaga responded to Madonna’s mash-up of Express Yourself/Born This Way/She’s Not Me. In the mash-up Madonna tries to show Born This Way can be sung to the music of Express Yourself.

Madonna’s Mash-up [1:15 mark]:

It seems like Madonna is grasping at straws. The lyrics and meanings of the songs are totally different. Plus Born This Way is a pro-gay/anti-bully anthem–it’s kind of cheesy to be dissing a song with such a positive message. It’s not like she’s telling kids to get drunk and have ménage à trios with strangers – think Katy Parry’s Last Friday Night.

Saint Gaga also puts her money where her mouth is by starting an anti-bullying organization called Born This Way Foundation that was given its blessing by the queen of do-gooders Oprah. Madonna clearly wants a feud with Gaga regardless of the cause or message.

The problem is it’s backfiring and Madonna is coming out the loser. Gaga waited weeks to respond to Madonna’s provocation only to characterize Madonna as a bully who is being cunty. Gaga magnanimously says. “I don’t want to fight back…I don’t see a fan base that wants me to be shady and cunty the way we all used to be.”

Gaga’s response:

With those words, Gaga blew up the blogosphere that then ignited a media fire storm, exactly what Madonna tried to do with the mash-up but failed. Not until Lady Gaga responded did it become a main stream hot topic.

Madonna must be reeling that Gaga out Madonna’d Madonna. Around the same time Gaga’s response broke, videos started popping up of Madonna whipping out her boob and flashing her ass. Pop culture critics almost universally agreed it was an act of desperation and something Madonna didn’t need to do.

Madonna Whipping Out Her Boob:

Madonna’s people troll Youtube for her content – In case it’s taken down here is a still:

Madonna doubles down on her nudity in Italy subjecting her fans to her butt:

[Note to Madonna: the dudes in the audience are gay and couldn’t care less about your T&A]

Then in a stroke of luck, Gaga gets whacked in the head by a pole at her concert and suffered a concussion. If she was a burly football player she would have been hauled off to the hospital for several CAT scans but not Gaga. She went on to sing 16 more songs. Madonna can’t even bask in her bad publicity–now her tit video was upstaged by some super-human singing machine.

Gaga getting whacked in the head:

To guild the lilly Gaga tweeted a picture of her injuries:

Madonna just can’t win. More bad news just surfaced for Madonna: it was just announced Lady Gaga would be on the most coveted cover of Vogue – The September Issue. Madonna seems to be a bit off her game. Let’s hope she doesn’t decide to upstage Gaga by spreading her who-ha in the September issue of Playboy.

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11 thoughts on “Madonna in Meltdown!

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  7. Jason Rahall

    Madonna could have retired gracefully, held court as the ‘elder stateswoman’ of pop music and complimented  Lady Gaga – would have been a magnanimous gesture and yielded far more positive publicity. You’re right, Madge is ‘off her game’ as she was always astute at framing her image in the best light. Now she needs very dim lighting and the audience needs a couple hits of ‘x’ to watch her circus act. BTW, it looked like LG’s stage hand was a bit careless with the pole -‘bam’ – but LG didn’t seem to miss a beat. Cheers.

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