Madonna Still Can’t Stand Gaga

I thought I saw a pig flying, but I was wrong. When I originally heard Madonna was doing a mashup of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way and the song she accused Gaga of copying Express Yourself. I thought the two divas might have mended fences. But that’s not the case. At least on Madonna’s part. If you listen very closely to the end of the clip Madonna mashes in one of her other songs  She’s Not Me. It’s all about some other girl copying her. And there you have it! Madonna just can’t bury the hatchet.

Listen closely to the last few seconds:

In case you forgot Madonna’s song She’s Not Me here it is:

My advice to Madonna–let it go. Gaga is not going to react negatively, just as she didn’t when Madonna referred to Born This Way as “reductive.” Madonna in the end will look desperate for the publicity grab.

Born This Way has a positive message–it’s time for Madonna to embrace it for the greater good. It would be better for both Diva’s to do a mash-up in honor of the people who are discriminated everyday for being different. It’s a petty fight–let it go Madonna!

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