Madonna’s Battle With Mothers Against Guns Heats Up

Madonna brandished a gun at her concert in Scotland despite warnings from police it’s against the country’s gun control laws. In light of the Colorado shooting it looks even more callous sparking outrage from Mothers Against Guns and angry responses via social media.

My response: Are you kidding me!? You’re mad at Madonna!

If you recall the suspect in the Batman movie massacre didn’t storm the theater in a cone bra, fishnets stockings and a thong, rather he had dyed orange hair to resemble The Joker. The man accused of killing 12 people didn’t dazzle the audience with a troop of shirtless men dancing to a well choreographed number, he re-created a Batman-esque scene complete with a shot being fired in the air to get people’s attention before killing them.

Why pick on Madonna? The worst thing she does to terrify her audience is whip out her boob–it’s scary but it’s not murder. Madonna claims she left the guns in the show to protest censorship, but we know it’s not possible for Madonna to re-work her show–the sound track can’t be change without sufficient notice, otherwise it messes up the lip-syncing.

Is anybody scared of a Madonna fan?  The only kind of bomb they will set off (if they’re really mad) is a glitter bomb. Besides, Madonna fans are poor after buying her overpriced tickets so they can never afford 6,000 rounds of ammunition. Madonna recently told the 99% if they couldn’t afford her show, “work all year, scrape the money together, and come to my show. I’m worth it.”

I bet this glitter bomber is a Madonna fan

Stop focusing on Madonna and worry about the criminal. In fact, if you really want to torture this guy sentence him to life in prison and play Madonna’s MDNA album on continuous loop until the day he dies. It’s far worse than any death penalty.

And finally wake the fuck up. Madonna is not an advocate for gun clips that hold 100 rounds where its only purpose is for mass murder. Madonna didn’t force lawmakers to let the Assault Weapon Ban expire. Madonna didn’t tell President Obama and Governor Romney not to mention reasonable gun control in their statements about the tragedy in Aurora, CO. It’s not MDNA that is the problem it’s the NRA.

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