Madonna’s Stage Vs Lady Gaga’s Stage

In the passive aggressive war between Madonna and Lady Gaga, Madonna (or her surrogate) levels the next punch by mysteriously leaking a sketch of MDNA stage the day Gaga debuts her Born This Way Ball in Seoul, Korea. It’s hard to determine who started this war, but the Tuesday after Madonna’s Super Bowl appearance Lady Gaga did tweet her concert set list and a sketch of her stage. But before that Madonna did call Gaga “reductive.” Madonna levels another blow to Gaga. In Madonna’s MDNA concert she does a mashup of Express Yourself/Born This Way/She’s Not Me. Doesn’t sound like Madonna is ready to bury the hatchet just yet.

Regardless healthy competition is good. Madonna’s new stage looks like a pointy phallic symbol with a fan pit that is very similar to Gaga’s monster pit. And since I was in Gaga’s monster pit for her last tour I can tell you it’s fun to be in the pit. It looks like both ladies are stepping up their game. Check out Madonna’s stage for her up coming MDNA tour:

Madonna’s MDNA Stage

The first pictures are emerging of Lady Gaga’s actual stage from her concert in South Korea. It looks like a medieval S&M dudgeon of fun and a massive pit of pleasure.

Here are the first pictures of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball stage:

Gaga arrives in style to her concert in desperate need of a Brazilian Wax:


Here are some of Gaga’s outfits from the concert:

Check out Gaga performing Hair:

Gaga preforming Poker Face in the Meat Dress – Now she reducting herself!

 Lady Gaga Setlist:

Highway Unicorn
Government Hooker
Born This Way
Bloody Mary
Bad Romance
Fashion of His Love
The Queen
Just Dance
Love Game
Heavy Metal Lover
Bad Kids
Black Jesus † Amen Fashion
Yoü and I
Electric Chapel
Poker Face

The Edge of Glory
Marry the Night

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84 thoughts on “Madonna’s Stage Vs Lady Gaga’s Stage

    1. Jfkf

      yeah sure, because gaga totally imagined and created everything madonna has never done before in the nineties . The aljeandro performance is definitely not a rip off from madonna’s girlie show tour performance of beast within

      1. windrider2

         Amen, The choreo in Beast Within is absolutely NOTHING like Alejandro…two entirely different movement vocabularies are used in those two pieces. There’s not ONE Fosse movement in Beast Within, and Alejandro has LOTS of it, with some ballet and Ailey phrases.

      1. windrider2

         Gaga hasn’t plagiarized anything; when she visually references or visually quotes another artist, she identifies and credits that artist. Madonna has been repeatedly sued for plagiarism and copyright violations. And is garnering a new lawsuit with her “Gang Bang” video which plagiarizes footage from a Russian pop artist’s video. Not to mention the fact that “Give Me All Your Luvin’ ” plagiarizes Dandy Warhols’ “Bohemian Like You” note for note in some sections

        1. Put Your Paws Down

          Did Gaga credit Madonna for the Alejandro video? No. Did she credit Ace of base for stealing their Don’t Turn Around music and melody for Alejandro? No. Did she credit Madonna when she stole the chord progression, the music and the melody from Express Yourself? No. Did she credit Boney M when she sample ma Baker in Poker Face? No. And the list goes on and on and on…

          1. windrider2

             Madonna was not the main inspiration for Alejandro…far from it. it has a certain similar visual flavor because it was directed by Steven Klein, one of Madonna’s photographers.  In less than the first minute of Alejandro, it references (and visually quotes) Kubrick, Coppola, Lang, A Clockwork Orange, Metropolis, Apocalypse Now.  The video is a visual and choreographic tribute to Bob Fosse, Cabaret and Liza Minelli (with a brief Marlene Dietrich reference thrown in for those quick enough to spot it). there was absolutely reason to credit Madonna for Alejandro because it didnt reference her, except very briefly. There are many songs similar to Ace of Base, and no one else has been asked to credit them, nor did they ask Gga to do so.

            the chord progression for Born This Way is EXTREMELY COMMON in mainstream music.  In fact, about 90% of all contemporary music uses one of four basic chord progressions. Among the many artists who used the same identical chord progression are the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. Architecturally, sonically and structurally, Express Yourself and Born This Way are quite different. One of several BTW melodies is similar to EY because to a certain exten the chord progression shapes the parameters of the melodies. One song is languid disco about getting more from your man and the other is a stomping gospel-rock tribute to self acceptance and tolerance.

            Finally, to date, Madonna has had over two dozen lawsuits over plagiarism and copyright violation; a few were thrown out  but she settled many of them. Gaga has had two suits, both dismissed for lack of grounds. So let’s not get in a pissing match over who is the Queen of Plagiarism here.

        2. JG

          UM, FIRST OF ALL- there is no video for “Gang Bang”.  Second, “GMAYL” sounds NOTHING like the Dandy Warhols.  Give me a break.  Gaga is nothing but a copy paste- watch SHE’S NOT ME: THE MADONNA/GAGA COMPARISON VIDEO or google FRESH PICS: LADY GAGA IS A COPY PASTE and then tell me how “original” she is.

          1. windrider2

             There is a promo video for “gang bang”

            GMAYL melody is, in places, note for note the same as Bohemian Like You; it’s also a very derivative video…Toni Basil did the ultimate cheerleader video more than two decades ago.

            If I had the time and inclination, I could create exactly the same kind of video comparing Madonna to all the artists she ‘borrowed’ from. In her early career, rock journalists referred to her as “The Great Appropriator”

          2. Guest


            I complimented you in an earlier thread…that link for the Gang Bang video you posted here, that was fanmade, therefore how could anyone try to sue her for that video?

  1. Nyn1d

    Madonna is the TOUR QUEEN! It looks polished and modern. Lady gaga looks like cheap shit like sloppy drag show made from left Madonna 1990 blond ambition tour. I smell a fraud like no other. Lady fraud! Hahaha

    1. windrider2

       Madonna’s stage looks cold and sterile, almost antiseptic. If the tour is as humdrum as her new record, it may finish sooner rather than later.

      1. HA HA

        The BORN THIS WAY BALL topping HUMDRUM.  HOW EMBARRASSING, the whole LARK. That outdated 80s holiday resort “show” is supposed to be “taking live performance to another level”  ?

        Is she joking or what …….

        what the heck

        1. windrider2

           First of all, I wasn’t talking about Gaga’s tour, I was talking about Madonna’s stage. I was also talking about Madonna’s album, MDNA, being rather humdrum…better than “Hard Candy” but almost ANYTHING would be better than that album, but MDNA is nowhere as brilliant as “Ray of Light”. Considering she’s had FOUR YEARS to write a new album AND is working with the Ray of Light producer, I expected something MUCH BETTER than the warmed over, warmed up Madonna we got in MDNA. My point is that the album was certainly nothing spectacular and neither is the stage, and if the tour is like the record, it won’t last beyond its initial bookings (about 40 dates, I think).

          Secondly, if you weren’t in Seoul this week, you have no basis for commenting on the Born This Way Ball because you haven’t seen it and videos from the opening night are very poor quality. The stage alone, a massive gothic castle with movable sections and great lighting changes and mechanicals, is pretty spectacular compared to Madonna’s stage design. It rivals any major Broadway theatrical production on an even grander scale. Broadway, not Vegas or Hollywood, is Gaga’s performance standard and she met it with the Monster Ball and it looks like she will surpass it with the BTW Ball.

          1. JG

            Please.  Gaga’s new tour is supporting a tired album that peaked over a year ago- I’ve already heard many reports that she doesn’t even try to change up the songs- BORING.  I wouldn’t go see Gaga if I was handed a free ticket.  As for “MDNA”, on the other hand- I can’t WAIT to see how Madge delivers these new songs- which I personally find amazing.  This is a brutally honest album- with traces of every Madonna we’ve known over the years.  

          2. windrider2

             Well her fans don’t think BTW is tired, it’s still selling well, and some of the singles like “Edge of Glory” are back on the charts in some markets. 

            Secondly, Gaga’s show in Seoul was subdued because of the government restrictions AND a government censor present on Opening Night, when jitters are greatest, and he had the authority to pull the plug at any time. She changed costumes and choreography in order to give a full show.

            Third, Gaga isn’t performing a pop concert: it’s musical theatre and a little opera thrown in, much more theatrical than the Monster Ball and more coherent because she had the luxury of planning this show out while she was writing & recording the music. But in musical theater/opera, there’s no ad libbing…though we all know Gaga will start to do that as the tour really gels and she’s in the groove (and does not have govt censors hovering over her shoulder.

            I’m very glad you love MDNA and find the songs amazing. You’re a happy fan and I’m sure you can’t wait to see her show live.  I hope you have a great time and come home mind-blown and exhausted.

          3. Guest

             windrider2, i respect your opinion, and thankful for giving it without trashing Madonna on a personal level, still wishing the best for her and her fans to enjoy the show. I LOVE Madonna, and I like Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga’s “The Fame Monster”, listening to that album, it gave me the same feeling for every time I would listen a new Madonna album(except for American Life & Hard Candy hehe), and was happy to have found another artist who could make me feel that joy.

            Her BTW album, to be honest, I was disappointed, but some songs grew on me after a while. I wish that Lady Gaga fans and Madonna fans could just get along(some do, but some don’t).

            When Madonna called Lady Gaga’s song “BTW” reductive, I thought that was a bit mean of her, and thought why would she stoop to that level…I love Madonna for how she evolved over the years, becoming a better person and more grounded and down to earth, but when she attacked Lady Gaga in that interview, I think to myself, maybe there is something behind the curtains we don’t know.

            I wish the best for Madonna and Lady Gaga this year with their world tours. Love Madonna, but she will die one day(lord forbid it be any time soon), and I think Lady Gaga is the perfect candidate to take over the crown, once she’s accomplished more throughout her career. We’ve seen many artist start with a boom(maybe not as much as Gaga), then they fade away after a few years. Only time will tell, but I hope she’s around for a long time.

            My dream would be for Madonna & Lady Gaga to work together…that would be awesome.

          4. Jason Garrett

            Um, Madonna has been doing musical theater since the legendary 1990 Blond Ambition tour, which was arguably the first to truly turn a boring pop concert into a Broadway show. Madonna has been doing this for almost 30 years now.

      2. JG

        How stupid. ALL of Madonna’s tours have been massively succesful- including those supporting not-so-successful albums.

        1. windrider2

           I never said that ANY of her PAST tours were anything but successful. That was then, this is now. Ticket prices are high in a bad economy, and ticket sales are lagging a bit after a great burst at the beginning when you could get the CD free with the ticket.  I still expect her tour to be very successful because, after all, she IS Madonna. But I think she miscalculated where the industry is today: radio is different, audiences and markets are different, and she does have competition for both record and concert sales. And she’s mostly marketing herself at a twenty-something (and tweens) audience and simply expecting her existing fan base to be wildly enthusiastic and supportive without her doing anything to court them. If there’s one indisputable thing that Gaga does better than Madonna, it’s the care and feeding of her fan base, and she lets her performances and interviews and music bring in more fans on its own.

          Madonna’s other tactical error was snarking at Gaga in her typical passive-aggressive way that’s part of her persona.  This REALLY ticked of her fans who also like Gaga.  I know a few diehards who not only didn’t buy her album, but they refuse to watch her performances and videos. And for the first time as Madonna fans, they are not going to buy tickets to the concert.  Namely because Madonna didn’t *need* to go there to start off her marketing campaign. there are PLENTY of other things she could have talked about.

          None of these things will have a huge financial impact on her tour. I expect it to do very well.  I also expect Gaga’s tour will do very well, judged on how fast her early dates have sold out. I expect a LOT of artists to have successful tours. But expectations for Madonna are still outrageously high because, well, she is MADONNA. I’m not sure she’s going to meet them this time.  Too early to tell. Once the first good videos of the show start hitting YouTube, ticket sales may pick up. I’m sure it will be a smashingly good show because Madonna does nothing less than that ever.

    2. Philip_Tatum

       LMFAO, awwww, look what we have here a PRESSED DELUSIONAL Shitdonna fan LOL. Shitdonna’s stage looks CHEAP and LAME like she is. Lady Gaga’s stage looks amazing and polished!… Lady Gaga is the TOUR QUEEN! you fucking imbecilic, brainless retard Hahaha.

      1. HA HA

         “Lady Gaga’s stage looks amazing and polished”

        Like a Turd

        “Lady Gaga is the TOUR QUEEN!”

        To the generic, suburban mass mainstream or what  ?

      2. JG

        How? Madonna’s last three tours became some of the most successful tours EVER by a solo artist! Forbes is predicting M to earn almost a BILLION dollars on this tour…how in the world can u call Gag the queen of anything? Queen of wannabes, maybe…

      3. Guest

         How childish are you? I like Lady Gaga, but watching her dance in this concert, the clips I’ve seen, she’s 26…compared to Madonna when she was 32 and did the Blonde Ambition Tour, Madonna moved her ass a lot more then Gaga, that’s a fact, check it out. And how can anyone judge Madonna’s stage, when this is simply a DRAWING, and example of what it will look like! Save your comments at least until we’ve seen the actual MDNA stage.

        No need to call people names, we should be civilized adults.

        I hope you enjoy the BTW ball, and I’m sure I will enjoy the MDNA tour.


      1. HA HA

         No, she doesn’t. And if she did, NOTHING would be as bad as THAT GENERIC CRAP up there.

        I don’t even

      2. JG

        And NO, she does not.  I saw Madonna twice in concert and there was NO lip-synching going on whatsoever.

      3. Guest

         I seen Madonna live in concert too, and she definitely does not lip sync. You can see actual footage from her concerts, and the proof is there. I’m not talking about the DVD’s, but actual live footage from fans in the crowd.

        1. Johnathon

          YOu guys are full of SH#T  POST A LINK THAT PROVES ANYTHING YOU SAID IS TRUE ABOUT GAGA MAKING 124million on 25 shows you dumb idiot liar lady gaga dork!!!!

 the link you idiots.  Madonna has sold 1.4 million tickets to a concert she hasn’t even launched yet! OFFICIALLY, not rumor like your made up LAdy gaga numbers…   Not to mention whether or not you little girls like it or not Madonna is the biggest selling female artist in history, FACT, LOOK IT UP RETARDS….

          1. Mike

            You really are stupid.  People have paid upwards of $2500 a seat to see Madonna’s show.  LOOK IT UP, neanderthal.

        2. Gajsu

          Hey guys, lady gaga tour suffers another setback in hong kong according to local news. Tickets sold for 1500 now half off.

  2. Ricanjogger2

    Poor Gaga…her stage is a mess…like He-Man’s Castle Greyskull…I saw videos of the show and she looks fat, flabby and bitch can’t dance for shit…the costumes are horrible (Armani failed miserably!).  She did not deliver what she promised…just like when she promised the “Album of the Decade”.  She’s over.  Madonna remains the Queen and other stars like Rihanna, Katy Perry and Adele are kicking her ass.  Poor ugly thing.

    1. Brian Orton

      LMFAO, Poor retarded delusional Shidonna fan…Shitdonna’s stage is a mess…It looks cheap and pathetic like her. Lady Gaga does not look “fat” or “flabby”… She’s skinny and in great shape you fucking dumbass cunt… Shitdonna looks fat, flabby and the ugly old bitch can’t dance or sing for shit…Gaga’s costumes are amazing (you failed miserably! at trying to troll!), She did deliver what she promised fuckface. Shitdonna is over…no one gives to shits about her anymore…her stupid MDNA tour will flop big time…Lady Gaga is The True Queen… “Rihanna, Katy Perry and Adele are kicking her ass”?????? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha LMFAO…thanks for the laugh asshole. you fucking wish they were LOL…Lady Gaga is kicking their asses with ease. can Rihanna, Katy Perry or even Adele sell out an 80,000 seat stadium in a minute like Gaga did with Twickenham stadium in London????.. No, I don’t think so… just face it, Shitdonna will fade into obscurity in a couple of years you fucking dumbass dickhead retarded faggot cunt, sad, pathetic, worthless and useless piece of dog shit. Lady Gaga is kicking her ass. Poor ugly thing.

      1. Dylan

        @c8022b766c1443c047e7d5b7367f0699:disqus  Brain Orton
        1. You can’t judge M’s stage because no ones what it looks like yet. As for Gaga stage… Yes it looks good but really all it comes down to is a Styrofoam castle that moves on occasion and has colourful lights, if that’s what you like so be it, but your easily impressed.
        2. Lady Gaga does have a great body and she is not fat nor flabby but neither is M, yes she has some veins and some wrinkles but what do you want from a 53 year old? She’s only human after all.
        3. No one gives a shit about M anymore? is that right? no really are you sure? Madonna’s halftime show got more views then the game it’s self and this years Superbowl was the most watched television event in history! meaning Madonna’s show is the most watched thing in history! Also her new album ‘MDNA’ was the most pre ordered album in iTunes history.
        4. The MDNA tour is no were near flopping, in fact it can’t flop and it’s only in pre sale. Most of the dates have been either sold out or near sold out, while Gaga is struggling to fill an stadium. The tickets sales alone have almost hit 500 Million! setting it on track to be the number one selling tour by a solo artist in history! (The current record is set by Madonnas previous tour “Sticky and sweet” which broke the record set by her tour before that the “Confessions tour” which also broke the record held by her other tour the “Re-invention tour”) So your telling me that This tour will flop even know M’s 3 previous tours set the record for the best selling tour for a solo artists one after the other? Get real… The tours are the top selling tours in history only behind The Beatles and U2.
        5.  Lady Gaga is a great talent no one can deny that but to call her the Queen of anything after only 4 years is way to soon. Madonna has worked her way to the top and deserves the title over Gaga, sorry but she paved the way for modern pop culture. IMO all Gaga has done is allow other artists to wear over the top costumes, Madonna did the gays first and she also created the express yourself culture first to, that’s her main message “Equality”.
        6. Rhianna  has the most number 1 singles in history being beaten only by Madonna herself. Adele sold more albums then Gaga with “21” she also stayed on the charts the longest.
        7. Is there really need for all those repulsive words? you do realize that saying stuff like that just makes you look more of an idiot…

        1 and 2 are rumored pictures of the MDNA stage.
        3 and 4 BTW Ball opening night
        5 Sticky and sweet tour opening night

        Gaga BTW Ball opening night

        Sticky and sweet opening night

        1. Rejoice Your Truth

          To address Point 1: Its brick not styrofoam and Madonnas stage is just a stage, nothing else

          On Point 2: What people are trying to say is that Madonna should have retired a long time ago- she clearly isnt the performer she used to be. Her MDNA album was manifested purely out of hate (trying to outdo Gaga, but she totally failed)

          Addressing Point 3: MDNA flopped. It dropped to no.24 in its second week and continues to fall. It’s critical reception was also poorer than Gagas (66 on Metacritic vs 71 for Born This Way)

          Your 4th point is completely flawed. Firstly, Gaga is not struggling to fill stadiums, in fact shes selling more than Madonna ever could. 
          Secondly, the ticket sales have not hit 500 million, they have hit $214 million. Gaga made 125mil with 25 shows. Madonna made 214 with 81 shows. 
          Thirdly, the MDNA tickets are not selling fast and the BTWBall tickets are (In London, Gaga sold 80000 tickets in 50 seconds; Madonna has not sold 60000 in however many weeks the tickets have been on sale). 
          Fourthly, the MDNA tour will not do great because MDNA flopped, you cant deny it. 
          Finally, remember Gaga has only been around for 4 years, so your examples of all of Madonnas previous tours are irrelevant. 

          Point 5: Madonna has not truly worked hard the last 5-10 years, its true. Gaga is what the world needed, she filled the void and is the hardest working star of the century (She writes, produces, makes costumes, designs sets, shows all by herself)

          Ew at Point 6: The reason Rihanna etc gets heaps of no1’s is because they are soooooo commercial its not funny. Adele sold more than Gaga and Gaga sold more than Madonna. Also, why are you comparing Gaga to Adele, one is pop, one is soul. On top of this, Gaga is more than the voice (which is 10x better than Madonna’s: She is not just a singer, she is a pop performance artist. 

          Your Pictures: The picture of the Seoul arena was taken before the show and before everyone had entered (50000 attended, the second most attended concert in Korea’s history) and it was 18+ only (The most attended 18+ concert in world). See image below

          1. HA HA

             “Also, the MDNA stage looks so boring and standardised, couldnt she have thought of anything more creative?”

            The whole BORN THIS WAY BALL performance was GENERIC AS FUCK

            Nothing Madonna has done has been AS BAD AS THAT

            You are totally delusional

            Probably some generic suburban fuck, too

            like literally most of the outdated “Gaga’s” fans

          2. Mike

            I don’t know where you get your information, but it’s BS.  But it doesn’t matter what FACTS are presented to you, because like a typical monster, you’ll dig your heels in and continue to spread your falsehoods.  Go ahead and live in your own dream world.  As Minaj says “There’s only ONE Queen, and that’s Madonna, BITCH”.

          3. JG

            BULLSHIT. You say the “MDNA” tour will flop because the album “flopped”-(which it did NOT, it caused the largest pre-order in itunes history and debuted at #1 in 54 countries worldwide), yet you fail to remember that her last tour, the “Sticky and Sweet” tour, supported another “flop” album- “Hard Candy”.  Made no difference- Madonna doesn’t have to sell albums these days.  Her albums support her tours.  You say Madonna has NOT worked hard in the last ten years?  How about three of the most successful world tours of all time?  Her “Confessions” album sold 12 million copies worldwide- she filmed a movie for 2 years, launched a perfume and fashion line, put on the most watched half time show of all time, and has sold over 30 million albums in the 2000’s alone.  Gaga is the most overhyped, overrated star in history.  She is boring now- she obviously peaked in 2010 with “Bad Romance”- “BTW” was hardly the album of the decade, was it?  And it only sold half of what “TFM” sold.  Madonan’s second and third albums sold over 20 million copies each- WITHOUT the aid of youtube and twitter.  Gaga isn’t doing anything Madonna has not already done in the past 25 years- and it was truly shocking and rebellious when Madonna DID do it first, and in a much more conservative time period.  Let’s see Gaga in 30 years still scoring #1 albums and tours.  Ha!

          4. windrider2

             Madonna’s 2nd and 3rd albums sold well in a different era, when people were still buying massive numbers of records (this was before pirating and torrents were widespread for stealing music). And the 80s and 90s were NOT more conservative than they are now.  For God’s sake, we have state legislatures all over the country trying to BAN contraceptives.  I’m 66 years old and I’ve not seen this level of fear-ridden conservatism since the 50s and that decade was not fun either…rock n roll was born in that era and barely survived it.

            BTW’s sales figures aren’t *yet* higher than TFM but I think they’ll get there. TFM is 3 years old and that tour is over, and it’s STILL high up on the dance/electro music charts because it is still selling. Once the BTW Ball tour settles into its rhythm (it’s a far more complex set and more challenging scenes than Gaga’s first two tours), I think BTW will continue to sell well, in part because it’s drawn in an older fan base that recognizes the rock roots of many of the songs.

            And you can’t compare achievements of someone whose career has spanned alt 30 years with someone who’s only been in the limelight for 4 (and Gaga HAS won more Grammys in her first 4 years than Madonna did in *her* first 4). In 30 years, Gaga will still be selling records and touring, and she’ll have stiff competition from 20-somethings who were inspired by her and have taken her musical palette farther. That’s just the nature of the industry.

            in 30 years, there will be a new Queen who maybe hasn’t even been born yet. Tempus fugit.

          5. Kevin

            Wow those are some delusions, so here we are 9 months later and GUESS WHAT, MADONNA HAS THE TOP SELLING TOUR, here are the OFFICIAL Billboard Figures and the #1 Tour of 2012 is the MDNA Tour by Madonna

            Total Gross: $228,406,085
            Number of Shows: 72
            Number of Sell-Outs: 72
            Total Attendance: 1,635,176

            And where is the Born This Way Ball, way down at #6, she was beaten by the Cirque Du Soleil show of Michael Jackson Immortal, Roger Waters, Bruce Springsteen and Coldplay…and as we all predicted THE QUEEN IS AT #1, MADONNA IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE QUEEN OF POP

        2. HA HA

           The stage looks like everything “Lady Gaga” does  –  a rehash,  a total rehash

          Madonna was and will always be more attractive than “Lady Gaga”, age doesn’t even come into it

          The whole performance was shoddy and embarrassing as fuck

    2. Zsj133233

      Um Born this way out sold Teenage Dream and and talk that talk!!! Teenage Dream sold 5.5 million copies worldwide Talk That Talk sold 3 million copies worldwide, while Born This Way sold 8 million copies worldwide. Don’t believe me check tweets from Katy Perry, Rhianna and Lady Gaga you can also check that from billboard, also if you want argue Lady Gaga is also on the best selling music artist list of all time so wether you like it or not shes not going any where.

  3. Brianl126

    Madonna would NEVER put a random-ass castle on her stage, especially if it’s never used in the first place. That’s just stupid. She needs room to DANCE, unlike Gaga who assumes that after 4 years it’s okay to bullshit your way thru dance moves. 

    1. Brian Orton

      Shitdonna’s stage is fucking CHEAP and LAME, She CAN’T dance for shit. She assumes that after 30 years it’s okay to bullshit your way thru dance moves. Lady Gaga is amazing dancer you fucking stupid cunt.

      1. windrider2

        I have to disagree here, though I am an ardent Gaga fan. Madonna’s stage is, I’m sure, very expensive and we have not seen how she will use that stage. It does feel very sterile and cold to me but that is a matter of taste, not a matter of quality, and I’m sure it’s very expensive. And sorry but Madonna trained as a professional dancer from a very early age and that was her original career goal. She’s an excellent dancer still though at 53, there are probably movements that she can’t do well anymore. Gaga’s dancing has gotten much better and stronger, and she’s gotten extra professional training and it really shows in her work. But even Gaga herself would never claim she’s a better dancer than Madonna.

        1. Domino

          Yes, windrider2, you sipped the true tea. Gaga would say that Madonna even now is a better dancer than her. Gaga has good judgment which is why she’s at the top of her contemporaries, and dare I say, has even eclipsed Madonna in terms of her musicality and performance (due to Gaga being able to be spontaneous and warm). But that’s just me. Madonna’s stage is clearly going to be extremely expensive and lavish and it WILL be perfectly choreographed down to the smallest wrist movements with all the latest tech extravaganza (did anyone see her half-time Superbowl show). After all, that’s how Madonna was able to stay successful for all these years.

      2. Domino

        No. Madonna always brings it per the critics (though I disagree as Madonna makes me cringe, performance-wise due to her coldness and sterility, lack of charisma, lack of spontaneity and lack of relating to the audience, the awful music and the way she treats her fans). The reality, however, is that Madonna’s stage will be rather impressive as well as her performance per objective critics. Just read any true objective critic reviews, and they always rave about Madonna’s concerts. This is why she can easily charge 400/seat even during this awful economic time, to my deepest chagrin. I mean, just b/c I think it’s crap, doesn’t mean it truly is crap, you know? That’s only my opinion, and it completely goes against mainstream critical reviews.

    2. windrider2

       There were different area of the castle set in use at all times, both to provide mini-stages for musicians and Gaga, entrances and exits for the dance company, special effects, and lighting. Madonna needs room to dance because that’s what she is and always has been, a professionally trained dancer who planned on going to NY to join a modern dance company and perform dance, not pop music, for a living. Gaga is a musician with professional dance training who plays and sings music because that’s what she is and always has been. These are DIFFERENT artists with MUCH different skill sets though they have skills in common. Gaga is the better singer and instrumentalist, Madonna is the better dancer.

      1. Domino

        Exactly. Gaga also has the theatrical background due to her Tisch educatoin, so she knows how to use both horizontal and vertical spaces in her performance, sense of suspense (VMA 2009 Paparazzi), as well as commanding the audience attention. Madonna is clearly the better dancer, and blows Gaga and the other pop singers out of the water, tbh.

  4. Yourfavecouldnever

    While gaga reigns, Madonna trys to catch up with pop from hibernation, think she is hot when really all she is is an old infected toenail, clitoris neck popstar trying to stay relevant

    1. HA HA

       Are you saying the thoroughly outdated snoozefest that is “BORN THIS WAY BALL” is anything but generic la – di -la poptunes from yesteryear  ?

    2. HA HA

       It doesn’t get outdated AS BORN THIS WAY BALL ….  UTTERLY EMBARRASSING

      You must be LIVING UNDER A ROCK

  5. Madi

    I am not a fan of Madonna.. and am a die hard Gaga fan.. BUT they are both amazing stars in their own rights. 

    Why cant they just both be good.. why does it have to be such a huge debate. 
    Maybe Gaga’s stage isn’t that great at the moment.. but over time the Born This Way Ball will develop and improve. 

    1. Shinigamlordazeran

      Finally!! Out of all the comments I’ve seen on this page, yours is one I can agree with. I’m not a huge fan of Madonna, but I will admit that she is an amazing star! I’ve always just preferred Gaga, who is also very good. Honestly, why do people insist on making a war out of this? Is it really necessary? I may not like most pop singers on the radio these days, but at least I don’t go around dissing them.

    2. Domino

      Thank you Madi. I hate Madonna (music and her awful personality and how she treats her fans), and I’m a huge little monster and will forever be, but come on, Madonna’s tours are always massively successful and always tend to rank #1 in sales. Her music is god awful, but the critics RAVE about Madonna’s performances (which I can NOT for the life see myself). Madonna’s numbers AND critical success are mind blowing. I’m hoping that Gaga will one day be as massively successful as Madonna (after all Gaga’s only in her 5th year). So it’s ridiculous to say that Madonna is short of being insanely successful and this from a true Madonna hater!

  6. Robin

    I am a Madonna fan and I am now a Lady Gaga fan.Madonna did start all of what Lady Gaga is doing today,Madonna is an excellent performer and talented or she wouldn’t be where she is.So, Lady Gag did get her ideas from Madonna growing up.You had to Madonna is the Queen. I love Lady Gaga because she is unique and she writes her music.I think  Gaga is very talented. young lady Madonna looks beautiful for her agae and has a rock’in body.They just said that on Joan River’s where they make fun of the celebrities.They said Madonna looks beautiful. Gaga is the new fresh person and everyone has that chance.The problem is There will never be another MICHAEL JACKSON.There is not one person to replace him or be in his league.Unfortunately, Madonna can be replaced but Michael Jackson can’t.Gaga is a reallly great performer for a new girl on the block.

    1. HA HA

       ” Gaga is the new fresh person”

      Nothing about her is fresh

      CLUE:  Everything about the BORN THIS WAY BALL is OUTDATED AS FUCK

      1. windrider2

         OK, (1) Define “outdated” and (2) identify specific features of the BTW Ball fit your definition of “outdated”. Otherwise, STFU because you’re just blowing smoke.

        Madonna is a legendary artist and has been inspiring MANY pop artists for almost three decades. Gaga is not the first, nor will she be the last, to be inspired by Madonna and she has ALWAYS credited Madonna’s influence on her work.  But the music industry has changed radically since Madonna first emerged, namely because of Madonna. Now she has to compete with MANY other female artists who have taken advantage of the freedoms that Madonna won for female pop artists. Gaga is NOT Madonna’s only ‘competitor’, and Gaga doesn’t even have a ‘competitive’ mindset. All she wants to do is write really good music that fuses all of her musical palette — rock n roll, metal, Broadway, pop and classical. All she wants to do is to create performance art that encompasses a variety of performing genres in ways that push the boundaries of what pop culture can be. She’s not trying to upstage anyone, she’s just trying to be the best artist she can be. And that’s true of MOST music artists.

        And all artists, including Madonna, have had and used their influences by earlier artists. That is the nature of art: first you study the masters, then you master the Master’s techniques, then you begin to use those techniques in your own ways to create your own art, which will evolve over your lifetime, until you yourself become a Master that others study and emulate, refine, and use as a springboard to their own creations. This applies to ALL art forms, including music.

        There IS no rivalry between Gaga and Madonna, at least not from Gaga’s point of view and actions. These are two separate artists, one a legend and the other a legend in the becoming process. But they are very different artists, with very different styles, and we’re very fortunate to have TWO such iconic women blessing our music experiences at the same time.

  7. HA HA

    I can’t believe how generic her fanbase is  …..  You’ve got to be one of the most clueless, generic fanbases there are

  8. Gomezbrandon35

    Cant we all just Get along!! Im a Gaga Fan but i don”t hate Madonna, I actually thank her enough for inspiring the way music is.! I love them both! As long as i hear GOOD music, have a BLAST at the tour, and entertain me then im ok…!! So please guys, Monsters GAGA does not like Hate!!! Madonna Fans  HELLO didnt Madonna have a ( WORLD PEACE?!) Sign at the Halftime show???? LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!

  9. Put Your Paws Down

    Comparing a sketch to real life pictures? LOL. How convenient!
    Considering the stages of any Madonna tour (they are all better than this Styrofoam boring castle), Madonna wins easily. I don’t even need to see the real stage. It’s a matter of history. She’s always come up with the best stages ever. Not gonna be different this time.

  10. Put Your Paws Down

    Why isn’t anyone reporting that 45,000 people showed up for gaga’s opening night at the Seoul Olympic stadium?

    But hey, when you mention those numbers (45,000). Remember to mention too that the Seoul Olympic Stadium’s capacity for concerts is 72,000. 

    It means that ONLY 62,5% of the stadium’s capacity was full for gaga’s OPENING NIGHT.


    1. windrider2

       Those were the seated sales. The GA floor had another 9000 and the Monster Pit held an additional 2,000. The official attendance figures in today’s articles stipulate 60,000 as the attendance.

  11. Pingback: EX Seeks Revenge on Lady Gaga by Leaking Unreleased Tracks

  12. Joshzenteno

    It’s really not fare to compare Madonna’s stage to Gagas since it’s only a computer animated picture and not the actual stage being used like Gaga’s. Just wait till Madonna’s kicks off her tour and then you should compare. I can’t wait to see Madonna and Gaga when they both come to Dallas. I’m sure both shows will be great. :)

  13. Winduberry

    Lady gaga stage really does look like a gift shop before entering a Disney ride. Is Eddie Murphy going to pop out of one of the towers?

  14. Winduberry

    And really….Georgio Armarni… pretty sure Madonna may use his clothes to wipe her givenchy ass.

  15. Winduberry

    Wsj reported the madonna as an entity, not her personally, but still will have already made 500 million dollars in 2012. And this is what her 30th year in the biz. Not shabby at all. Well see if house of kaka is even a memorable wordd in ten.

  16. Marlon_pabillion2222

    all mdna song i record from youtube,ilike the album very much.Only lady gaga fan say the album is flop.No flop only top.
    Lady gaga is newly artist,cant full the stadium.hehehe.

  17. Artiemead

    tbh i think little monster and madonna fans should stop fighting and get madonna and gaga to shake hands (although i do side with gaga, i think it was pathetic of madonna to sing born this way). yes, get them to shake hands and do a duet. then we can end this stupid feud.


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