Markatlarge Tweets The Debates

I might be the only that thinks Obama won the debates, but I tend to be more persuaded by fact than fiction.

Here are a few of my tweets:

That’s about all I got–the rest of them are rants on Jim Lehrer inability to ask Romney for one specific detail about all the goodies he promised. The mediator is suppose to press them for facts and not let them spew a fantasy. If we can sum up Romney’s argument its: Americans will all pay less taxes, have great health care, the economy will boom and it wont cost us any sacrifice. Who wouldn’t vote for that. But the devil is in the details and we didn’t get any of that.

Regardless of what the political talking head pontificate, a winner is not a liar no matter how feisty he was. It will be sad day in America if Romney pulls ahead Obama in the national polls because of this fact-challenged debate.

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