NFL Pants X-Rated When Wet

Wardrobe malfunction–I think not!. The FCC had a major problem with Janet Jackson’s nipple slip during a past Super Bowl, but it has no issues with the new tissue-thin NFL pants that are a drop a water away from showing the full monty.The NFL switched its long time pant provider from PG-friendly Reebok to an adults-only version from Nike. Allegedly the new pant is made up of several different fabrics that maximize ventilation, durability and comfort. But a little perspiration or inclement weather on game day and America’s sport turns into a day at the gay bathhouse. A little water on these uniforms give you an eye-opening experience.

The pants looks quite innocent dry:

I guess not really all that innocent. You can tell Tebow has a bit of kinky side choosing a black jockstrap over a more conservative white jockstrap.

Here is Tebow from another angle.

Still looks translucent to me. Looks like Nike has a problem here.

Nike doesn’t seem to think so. A Nike spokesperson says, “We believe it’s an isolated issue, and we’re working closely with the Lions to solve this issue for the player.” Translation: Lions’ Jeff Backus is a sweaty pig and it’s not our fault!

Oh my–somethings do get very slippery when wet.

Hopefully Nike doesn’t solve this problem anytime soon. In the meantime I will be praying for rain on every Sunday from now until the end of the football season.


In case anyone is interested here is what Jeff Backus looks like from the front:

Nike has infiltrated college football too:

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