Obama: Tears of Guilt?

It was quite touching to hear the President speak with such deep emotion in a tearful address to the nation after the tragedy in Newtown, CT. But shortly after his speech I was wondering were his tears caused by the senseless loss of life or guilt. Certainly Obama had a personal debated about the risk of proposing gun regulations in his first term. Morally Obama knows it is the right thing to do, just as he always knew gay marriage was the right thing to do. While gay marriage is important, it’s not a life or death. One could morally justify holding off on your real opinion regarding gay marriage for the great good–to be elected.

But gun control is life or death. It must be tough for Mr. Obama to look himself in the mirror  knowing he has not followed his moral compass on this issues. Considering in the past five years 19 mass shootings occurred in the US four of those years while Mr. Obama was in office. When your political calculations are guiding your morals and not your heart do you feel guilty?  Would you cry? I would.

Obama could have made the case for reasonable gun control and got it passed. If it failed every time Obama made the now ubiquitous statement: “America’s thoughts and prayers are with the family of _______”, he can now tack on “contact your congress person and tell them to support reasonable gun control legislation. Because, after all, thoughts, prayers and tears are worthless to the XX dead children in Anywhere, USA.”

Newtown Shooting Victims

Make your voice heard: http://wh.gov/RN6U


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