Olympic Diver Tom Daley Commits Career Suicide

Olympics Day 15 - Diving

Was it drugs? A naked selfie? Did he call the royal baby ‘homely’? Nope. Something worse: a Tom Daley calendar. Who buys a calendar now a days. If I need to know the date I can look at my phone. A calendar is basically post consumer waste the minute it’s printed. The only people that buy calendars are crazy old ladies eager to see the kitty of the month or pervs looking for some soft-core porn. Porn aficionado will be disappointed to learn Tom’s calendar is light on the masterbation material–Toms only half naked 2 months out of the entire year!

Tom Daley Calendar 2014

Who even recognizes Tom Dailey in shirt. What an epic failure. Save your money and look at the months you really want to see:

Tom Daley Shirtless 2014 Calendar

Tom Daley Shirless 2014 Calendar2

We expect better from you Tom!


3 thoughts on “Olympic Diver Tom Daley Commits Career Suicide

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