Oscar Buzz Already For The Male Stripper Movie!

I’m no movie critic, but if the classic story of a stripper who becomes a furniture designer and finds love doesn’t scream Oscar, I don’t know what does. It’s so avant-garde Madonna has decided to make a sequel of W.E. with the same script but replace the entire cast with male strippers. Brilliant!

The buzz on Magic Mike is it will be so expressive you can watch it with no sound – think last year’s Best Picture winner The Artist . Check out the trailer:

Order your tickets now – I have a feeling this cinematic master piece will dwarf the summer’s other blockbuster hit The Hunger Games.

Check out this video of Channing from his days a stripping before he hit it big:

Magic Mike, loosely based on Channing Tatum’s life, will be hitting the silver screen on June 29. And from everything I know about Channing Tatum it seems to be spot on. I don’t think I have seen him in one movie where he hasn’t at least taken off his shirt.

Channing is quite a thespian so lets take a look at his BODY of work:

Channing all tatted up in “Fighting”

Channing in Stop Loss (a.k.a I Lost My Clothes Again)

In The Eagle, poor Channing burned his penis. In an effort to keep warm during a scene shot in a swamp, Channing accidentally poured boiling water down his swimsuit. According to his interview in Details Magazine, he thankfully has fully recovered. Naturally, the only pic I could find is Channing naked in bed.

If you interested of what it looked like before the accident:

One of my observant readers discover it was fake. But stepping is a fantasy so I left it it.

Update: One of my observant readers discover it was fake (see comment below). But stripping is a fantasy so I’m leaving it in.

We got to see a completely different side of Channing in The Vow. He was very well-rounded in that role, gave a very tight performance and at times was very cheeky. No butts about it, this is a must-see movie.

I must say I didn’t get The Vow – A women wakes up from a coma with amnesia discovers her husband is Channing Tatum and doesn’t react like she won Mega-Millions–I don’t get it.

Channing gets down with the swirl in GI Joe. Nothing like a good twofer when you’re at the movies.

In 21 Jump Street it looks like Channing spent too much time chowing down in Jonas Hills’ trailer-he gave a weighty performance:

Channing by no means is the ‘She’ in She’s The Man, but he clearly uses his acting ability to communicate his manhood to the audience.

That’s quite a BODY of work. One can see how his early life struggles as a stripper has deeply influenced his work.

Here are some random pics from Channing’s modeling days; these shots will certainly give you a full appreciation of his entire life before you go see Magic Mike. 


Not sure where this photo is from but I it gives you an idea of his well rounded career.

After this extensive analysis how can you not see this picture—well, maybe if you’re a straight dude, you will take a pass on this and re-watch his male bonding and shirtless antics of Channing in G.I. Joe.

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39 thoughts on “Oscar Buzz Already For The Male Stripper Movie!

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    1. jacodathefox

      actually if you take a look it is not the same…..look at the hand in the decent picture and you see that he is holding a finger out where as he is not in the so-called photoshopped, regardless its still nice to imagine

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      1. dontknow

        his body is turned in the clothed pic more then the ‘nude’ one. I dont see how it could be fake. the shadows on the nude it different then the one with clothes as well 

    1. Must_Have_Sav

      Actually the nude one is photoshopped because it’s JUST his face that was photoshopped . You’re wrong, face the facts . If you look at his face in both pictures it’s EXACTLY the same . It doesn’t matter what his hands look like .

      1. MarianoAlojado

        Photoshopped? Let’s hear the real score from Channing Tatum himself. Otherwise, stopped classifying his pictures into fake and real! That would be an insult to the him, if you ask me. Try putting yourself into the shoes of Channing. Let’s see how you feel!

          1. jacodathefox

            i guess that means any of my photos that i take where i have the exact same expression must be photoshopped.

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  20. karelin

    Look at his nail in his right thumb and show what is the difference? If there is difference, Channing Tatum in nude is real, not fake.

  21. karelin

    Look at his nail at his left thumb and the angle of his left thumb. See the difference. If you see the difference, Channing Tatum in nude is confirm real, not fake.

  22. Enzo Giacomo

    MAGIC MIKE was the SHOWGIRLS and Demi Moore’s version of male stripping. We guessed each scene and cliche they wrote into this god awlful movie. The worst acting and writing. Tatum was better in GI JOE and that was bad.


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