Fire Island: When Rich People Fight

Ascension Tea Dance at 236 Bay is one of the most buzzed about parties in Fire Island Pines. In 2011 the event had a dance floor built out into the bay. It was one of the most elaborate events of the season.

markatlarge Exclusive:

It’s just sad when poor people fight. But when rich people fight it’s fascinating.  After all Dynasty wouldn’t have been so fabulous if it took place in Bushwick with a bunch of baristas. Continue reading

Fire Island: War in Progress

Jon Wilner and Eric von Kuersteiner

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Our blog post, Clash of the Titans, sparked a major battle that has been brewing for some time between two Fire Island kingpins who once had a close friendship for 12 years. But now Eric von Kuersteiner, the former owner of a large chunk of Fire Island Pines real estate and prominent Fire Island realtor Jon Wilner are embroiled in a very bitter war of words. Continue reading

Oscar Buzz Already For The Male Stripper Movie!

I’m no movie critic, but if the classic story of a stripper who becomes a furniture designer and finds love doesn’t scream Oscar, I don’t know what does. It’s so avant-garde Madonna Continue reading

Madonna in Meltdown!

Madonna can’t get a tit up in this war with Gaga. The feud came to a head when Lady Gaga responded to Madonna’s mash-up of Express Yourself/Born This Way/She’s Not Me. In the mash-up Madonna tries to show Born This Way can be sung to the music of Express Yourself. Continue reading

Abercrombie & Fitch Models Aren’t So Bright

Aspiring A&F Model Benjamin Bowers sues his former employer.

Thank God! Having devastatingly good looks, chiseled bodies and brains to boot—would be a bit too much. Can’t say all A&F models didn’t ace their SATs, but Benjamin Bowers sure didn’t. This buff beauty who formerly stood guard in front his local A&F without his shirt is accusing his employer of sending him to a perverted photographer. Continue reading

The Future of Fire Island?

The new Pavilion slated for completion by April 2013.

markatlarge Exclusive: new renderings of the harbor area.

Finally, after six months since a fire devastated Fire Island Pines, we get a glimpse of what the new Pavilion will look like. Although we only got to see a glimpse, the glimpse was pretty good! The Pavilion’s design, done by the architectural firm HWKN, has been overwhelmingly well received based on social media. Commentors used superlatives such as “wow”, “gorgeous”, “outstanding”, “fucking awesome” in reaction to the new design. Continue reading

Madonna Still Can’t Stand Gaga

I thought I saw a pig flying, but I was wrong. When I originally heard Madonna was doing a mashup of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way and the song she accused Gaga of copying Express Yourself. I thought the two divas might have mended fences. Continue reading

The J LO Effect Is Over

Jennifer Lopez was like crack to the American Idol audience, but after its continued use, like any good drug, you need more and more to get your high. Unfortunately America has reached its tolerance level for J Lo. Ratings for the Idol finale were down a whopping 26% from last year’s finale to 21.5 million viewers. Continue reading