Paula Deen: The Wicked Witch of Pork [UPDATED]

Rumors have been confirmed that Paula Deen has Type 2 diabetes, a condition caused by obesity and lack of physical activity. What’s even more disgusting is that she hid it from the public for 3 years while pushing her butter-, fat- and sugar-laden concoctions to her legions of fans.

Paula may have lived in some sugar coma of ignorance for years of thinking that a glazed sliced donut with beef, eggs and bacon is good for you. It’s hard to believe but let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. But continuing to blatantly push unhealthy eating after she contracted a serious medical condition caused by her weight is reprehensible, especially since her only motive was the loss of her food empire. An empire that is built on cajoling an obese society to eat very bad food.

Paula Deen Making Cheese Fudge:

Paula with her southern charm seemed to make it “ok” for an overweight America lacking willpower to eat butter, fat and sugar again under the guise “I do it-it can’t be that bad.” Of course Americans are at fault too–you literally have to suspend reality to believe that anything Paula Deen made was good for you. But somehow Americans continue to fall into the trap of accepting knowledge from these charismatic charlatans who willfully dismiss science without impunity—think global warming.

Paula Deen wasn’t even contrite in her Today Show interview insisting she told people to eat in moderation, supposedly as she did when she wasn’t on the air. Al Rocker ask if she would change the way she eats Paula responds no, insisting she always ate in moderation (well how did she get fat.)

Without remorse she told people she was diagnosed with diabetes for 3 years, insinuating bad eating habits were not the only cause of her ailment if at all, but genetics, lifestyle, stress and age may have contributed. Even has a doctor sat to the right of her saying the leading cause was weight, Paula still tried to circulate the reason for her diabetes is not her weight or eating.  Paula had absolutely no remorse for continuing pushing her unhealthy lifestyle for the three years after she was diagnose with diabetes saying, “Honey, I’m your cook, not your doctor.” This woman is completely tone def.

Paula Deens announcement on the Today Show:

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Paula Deen will now begrudgingly reinvent herself as a southern bell of healthy living. I have no doubt if the media didn’t push Paula Deen out of her fat-laden closet she would still be peddling her lucrative lifestyle of obesity.

Don’t cry for Paula, it looks like things just keep getting better for her. Paula has inked a big endorsement deal with the drug company Novo Nordisk to pitch a diabetes drug. Only in American can you profit from the problem to which you contributed. Maybe in the TV ad she will coat the pill in butter, dip it in batter and deep-fry it—now that’s some home cookin’ y’all.

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2 thoughts on “Paula Deen: The Wicked Witch of Pork [UPDATED]

  1. Annette

    I was always taught that you reap what you sow. “Life’s lessons”, my parents said. None of us are without sin, so I hesitate to judge harshly, but it does renew my loving memory of a Mom and Dad who really did try to teach the right way to live one’s life. They lived by example, not words, and I witnessed that every day. I’m sorry that Paula didn’t have that advantage.

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