Paula Deen Adds High Blood Pressure to Her List of Ailments


After 3 years of concealing her Type 2 Diabetes from the public, Dr. Oz confronts Paula Deen about another secret she has: High Blood Pressure. Paula who is having a hard time understanding why the public has turned against her is trying hard to rehabilitate her image, starting by firing her long-term publicist and appearing on the Dr. Oz Show. But when Dr. Oz confronted her about her high blood pressure the publicist went into a tizzy immediately stopping the taping. According to The Daily the segment was re-tapped with no mention of her high blood pressure.

Paula can’t seem to understand why the public views her as a villainess for exposing her diabetes only after she secured a 6 million dollar deal to be a spokeswomen for a diabetes drug. Bear in mind during the three of having a condition related to obesity Deen continued pushing her butter-, fat- and sugar-laden concoctions to her legions of fans. After Deen’s epiphany she decided to turn over a new leaf co-hosting a show with he son about making her recipes healthier.

Most likely Paula Deen’s publicist was so upset with Dr. Oz because Paula hasn’t secured a deal with a high blood pressure drug company yet and a corresponding low-salt cooking show has not been developed.

Paula’s culinary nemesis Anthony Bourdain tweeted it the best “Thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business, so I can profitably sell crutches later.”

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