Pitbull Has Jumped The Shark!

Pittbull’s career officially jumped the shark on November 21, 2012 at 9:31 am. Check out Al Roker busting-a-move at Pitbull’s Concert on the Today Show.

Al Roker Dancing on The Today Show at Pitbull Concert

When Al Roker is really into your music–it’s over. Pitbull might be lucky if his new single tops the Adult Contemporary chart these days. Just the mere sight of Al Rocker jamming out to Pitbull makes you feel old and very uncool.

Yikes–I’m deleting all my Pitbull music as I type!.

Hoda Kotb got into the act too. Check out Hoda freaking out at Mr. Worldwide:Hoda Kotb Dancing to Pitbull on Today Show

It could be worse for Pitbull–at least it’s not Kathie Lee!

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