popPlot is Here!



popPlot is basically a playlist of places that you can easily share with friends and followers. It allows you to create a plot of places that will be plotted on one map. Its very convenient as you walk around exploring to see which places are closest to you, instead of constantly typing them into a mapping app. App store link: https:// appsto.re/us/6Xs8ib.i

Main screen:

On the main screen you can create your own plots and follow other people’s plots.

Add Plots:

* User the + in the upper right hand corner to add a plot to group your places.

Add Places to Plots:

* Click on the plot name after its created to start grouping places

Share Plots

* Click on the … to do various functions like sending your plots to users and non-users. See my Plots for: (must click link on iPhone — try messaging them to yourself)

* My New York City Plot: http://bit.ly/2oYsGKe

* Best Macarons in NYC: http://bit.ly/2qpxn4t


Library tab: contains some predefined list of popular places. As the app grows more and more places will be added.


Adding Places to Plots:

When you click on the cell you will see a list of places. It is easy to add a place just click on the + in the upper right hand corner. a Google Places search controller will pop up and you can start typing in places.



Now the fun part just tap a place and all places will be pinned on a map.

A pull-up bottom sheet will reveal address, website info (hyperlinks to safari) and phone number info (launches your phone with a tap). You can personalize it by adding pictures and notes. Its a great
way to preserve memories and would be cool when you go back to a place years later to see where you went and what you did before. Also realtors are using it to show listing and add photos of the listing. Users are finding creative and interesting uses for it daily.

Directions. If you click on the walking icon you will get in-app directions. – If you click on the driving and biking icon you will be taken to Google Maps and have access to all of Google Maps functionality including voice instructions.


Maps Got Social

Click on the person icon and follow other plotters. On the main screen their plots will be in the following tab. Simply press the + next to the plot to add them to your My Plots List