Ralph Lauren Must Burn – So Says Donald Trump

Ryan Lochte looking dapper in the Ralph Lauren Olympic Unifrom

The Ralph Lauren Olympic uniforms have stirred quite a kerfuffle causing lawmakers and the titan of the tea baggers, Donald Trump, to call for their burning. The controversy was sparked when it was discovered the uniforms were made in China. Trump was so outraged he took to Twitter to share his displeasure.

Did you know Trump has a line of clothes at Macy’s? Probably not unless you’re in the market for dressing like a pompous ass. Do you know where his clothes are made? China.

That’s right. Trump, one of the most outspoken critics of China, has a majority of his products made in China. He’s got some nerve to criticize Ralph Lauren.

Why does Trump do this? Trump says, “The answer is very simple: Because of the fact that China so manipulates their currency it makes it almost impossible for American companies to compete.” The Donald charges $69.50 for a white dress shirt – that’s a bit pricey. Surely somebody in the U.S. could make a white dress shirt for that price. Lo and behold somebody does – American Apparel has a fine selection of dress shirts for $58.

In 2011 the U.S. imported over $399 billion worth of consumer products from China. It’s good that so much attention is being spent by blowhards and the do-nothing Congress on the 4,700 garments being worn by the Olympians rather than do anything to address $295 billion trade deficit. Go Team U.S.A.!


What does Swimming Stud Ryan Lochte think of the Ralph Lauren Uniforms? [Let’s just say it’s good he can swim fast.] Here is Lochte in his own words:

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11 thoughts on “Ralph Lauren Must Burn – So Says Donald Trump

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  3. Dapaulvisions

    Donald your a hypocrite this time your trump products are made in china talking out of both sides of your mouth again, just cor the coverage.

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