RHOBH Recap: Will Taylor Ever Get a Date Again?

The ladies from Beverly Hills take a ski trip to Beaver Creek…the reason to mourn the sale of Camille Grammer’s ski chalet brought upon by her lucrative divorce from Kelsey Grammer. In such a trying time for recently widowed Taylor Armstrong I find it crass to discuss such a trivial topic such as the loss of one of Camille’s several luxury homes. Even though the loss of a home is devastating by Beverly Hills standards, the town might actually find the loss of an alleged physically and mentally abusive husband to suicide a smidge more tragic–just a smidge.

So it’s important to discuss a more pressing matter for Taylor Armstrong—how will she find another man?

I’m worried Taylor might have problems finding a man to support her lifestyle if she handles the estrangement of her husbands as poorly as Camille Grammer did.

Camille is taking great delight in raking Kelsey’s manhood over the coals. On Howard Stern, Camille insinuated he likes to dress like a woman, denied her sex for 6 years and didn’t recall him ever giving her an orgasm. Do I hear sour grapes talking? Maybe not both of their children were conceived in a test tube and born to a surrogate mother–not the way Mother Nature intended. But Camille could have felt the risk of stretch marks was much too high a burden to bear for the joy of two children. Knowing Camille, I’m leaning toward the stretch marks.

On top of Kelsey not being a virile lover for his former Playboy bunny ex-wife, he has excessive back hair, according to Camille, that she manscaped regularly for him. Kelsey recently entered into his 4th marriage with a flight attendant; he might be better off with an aesthetician instead.

Kelsey can't get it up for this?

Kelsey, of course, is nowhere near as heinous as Taylor’s husband Russell Armstrong was but that still doesn’t give Taylor free reign on lambasting Russell in the press.

Taylor is in a very different situation than Camille. Camille married Kelsey (estimated worth of a $100 million) without a pre-nup in a no-fault state where property assets are split 50/50. Camille also has two insurance policies named Mason and Jude who she can cash in if the 50 million can’t hold her over.

Russell unfortunately was heavily in debt at the time he committed suicide. Unlike Camille, Taylor wasn’t left independently wealthy when they separated ways. Camille has the luxury of running through a string of hot guys until she finds Mr. Right – Taylor does not.

On the show, Taylor comes off as shallow, vapid, vain and an emotionally needy person who doesn’t have any marketable job skills. Not exactly the woman of every man’s dreams or a woman with the wherewithal to support herself. But Taylor shouldn’t fret because she still has her looks. Just think of the incredibly gorgeous, cash strapped, accused child murderer Casey Anthony who quickly found a rich boyfriend after her acquittal to support her. I would say Taylor is a smidge more likeable than Casey – just a smidge.

The world is very kind to beautiful women, but detailing every one of Russell’s unusual proclivities (à la Camille Grammer) in a book isn’t good for potential suitors. No one wants to marry a woman who can’t keep a secret.

One must also consider that there is little public interest in reading the turbulent life of an incredibly shallow reality star.

And finally Taylor should consider the potential damage and ridicule a book could cause her 5-year-old daughter in the future. It’s bad enough Taylor had little regard for her daughter when she decided to expose her dysfunctional life on reality TV, but a book with every sleazy detail would bring it to a new level. We have seen Taylor’s photo with a blackened eye allegedly at the hand of her husband–we believe her—enough already!

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