Rob Gronkowski Gets Spanked by a Dude at Super Bowl After Party

Rob Gronkowskie, LMFAO and Random Shirtless Guy

What does a 22-year-old do when he doesn’t have to work the next day? PARTY! Patriots’ tight-end Rob Gronkowski (the Gronk) did just that. Does it really matter that the Gronk lost? NO. We all have bad days at work. What better way to let off some steam than get drunk with the boys, join LMFAO on stage, rip off your shirt, and get a spanking from a shirtless guy? WTF!?!

Before we get to the spanking, lets start out with LMFAO. A few hours after the Super Bowl, while Tom Brady and his super model wife are discussing how much his teammates suck, the Gronk is at an after party getting plastered.

Check out LMAFO and the Rob Gronkowski on stage:

It’s always fun to see the Gronk drunk, singing and shirtless, but that is just a regular night out for the Gronk. I’m not sure you always can catch the Gronk bent over getting spanked by a shirtless dude.

Check out the spanking at the 2:25 mark–the Gronk must have been a very naughty boy:

That’s a rather odd way for a bunch of super macho sports fans to celebrate—get shirtless and spank each other. Once the video goes viral I think those boys are going to have some explaining to do.

A message to all the Patriots fans who are outraged the Gronk is not in a fit of depression over his team’s loss: Go fuck yourselves! Tom Brady is at home getting a blow job from a super model—cut him some slack.

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