Romney Campaign Getting Desperate – Shirtless Photo of Ryan Surfaces

Source: TMZ

Source: TMZ

The Romney campaign must be in free fall after they bring on a candidate, who was characterized the “cutest package that cruelty ever came in” in Maureen Dowd’s New York Times Op-Ed When Cruelty is Cute. Former Prom King Paul Ryan (do you know any Prom King who wasn’t a douchbag)believes the rich should pay fewer taxes, women shouldn’t get abortions even in life-threatening circumstances and gays, of course, shouldn’t marry. And if you’re old, sick and middle-class you might as well use Ryan’s Medicare voucher to buy your cemetery plot becuase it won’t buy you good healthcare.

What better way to distract voters from Ryan’s draconian policies than with a half-naked picture of him. According to TMZ the picture was taken 6 years ago before Ryan started P90X. Personally based on his wife’s bathing suit I date the picture from the 1920’s.

The picture confirms one thing to me about Congress – it’s actually a do-nothing Congress. Instead of working on the people’s business they are clearly spending the bulk of their time in the free congressional gym.

Why is a married guy in such good shape alway? Something is fishy. If I were Ms. Ryan I’d keep a close eye on my man. We don’t need a flash back to John Edwards.

I suspect as the polls continue to decline we will see more and more of Rep. Ryan. I’m afraid it might get so bad that we actually get a glimpse of “Ryan Jr.” or for Ms. Ryan sake I hope it’s “Ryan Sr.”

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