The Trump vs. Rosie Twitter Battle [Updated]

Donald Trump (a.k.a ratings whore) is trying to reignite his celebrity war with Rosie O’Donnell the day after Piers Morgan coaxed some nice words out of O’Donnell about Trump. This week on The Piers Morgan Show, Piers asked Rosie to say one nice thing about Trump to which Rosie responded, “I think you [Trump] were wonderful on the Oprah Winfrey show when your whole family was there.”

When Trump was asked by Extra about Rosie’s comment he joked, “Maybe she’s in love.”

Trump obviously must have regretted those words. It’s not like Trump to be so conciliatory just weeks away from the premier of Celebrity Apprentice. After his political media stunts failed (including challenging President Obama’s birth certificate, a faux consideration to run for president and a failed attempt to be a moderator of a GOP debate) to create any sustained buzz about his show he attacked O’Donnell last night on Twitter.

Donald Trump tweeted: “Rosie O’Donnell’s show is “dead”- can’t keep going for long with such poor ratings. @Rosie is a stone cold loser! (and always has been). Her girlfriend should leave before the show is cancelled.”

Rosie immediately responded to Trump by tweeting a documentary being made about Trump called ‘You’ve Been Trumped’ on how he is building a controversial golf resort on an environmentally unique stretch of land in Scotland. Trump refers to the beautiful stretch of land as “slum-like” area.

After the mainstream media didn’t pick up on the feud Rosie took to twitter again tweeting a local news piece on how Trump wants to build an entertainment complex on Long Island’s Jones Beach against some locals objections. In the clip Trump uses the same argument he used in Scotland that the area is “Slum-like.”

Trump seems to have a cookbook approach to get what he wants. However, I Don’t know if you can trust Trump on improving slum-like areas given his record. Do you remember how the casinos in Atlantic City where suppose to clean up the slum-like areas? Walk a few blocks away from Trump’s Taj Mahal and you feel like your taking your life in your hand.

Enough with this petty squabble from these two publicity savvy foes. The real question is: will Rosie’s fans and environmental stalwarts, like myself, be so upset we will boycott Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice? The answer is NO! Not because we approve of what he said or what he does, but because we just enjoy more D-list celebrities making compete fools of themselves.

Should we feel bad? NO! Rosie herself watches Celebrity Apprentice even after Donald has treated her so poorly over the years. When Rosie had her Sirius radio show she discussed The Apprentice at length each Monday like religion. If Rosie, the object of Trump’s attacks, can’t even resist this train wreck of a show then how can the average Joe?

Instead of blaming ourselves for our inherit weaknesses, let’s lash out at people who should know better, such as the folks at CNN, MSNBC and FOX News that give credence to Donald Trump’s publicity induced political runs. All Donald has to do is mention he is interested in being president to instantly get airtime on any network hungry for cheap ratings. Don’t they know Trump’s political rants always take place around the time he is trying to promote his show? If they don’t, it’s a sad state of journalism.

Even Rosie’s friend Oprah got sucked in to the whole Trump hoopla. On Oprah’s final season, when she could have had any guest she wanted, she had Trump, who has been very degrading to Rosie for several years. In addition, Trump owns the Miss America Pageant, an event that doesn’t necessarily celebrate women for their brains. You would think a man with these credentials wouldn’t even have been considered to do an Oprah show at all, but he was and Oprah kissed his ass.

If Rosie, major news networks and Oprah can’t resist Trump, how can the mere mortals do so? Let us not be hypocrites—we are going to watch.


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