Sexy Republican Congressman Charges Campaign for Workout DVDs

Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL)

Hunky Republican Congressman Aaron Schock, who voted against healthcare reform legislation, allegedly charged his P90X workout DVDs to his political campaign. Mr. Schock, who is very concerned about the government paying for other people’s healthcare, encourages Americans to get fit to solve their healthcare woes. It’s quite ironic that a Congressman who has a robust healthcare package, paid for by the government, also needs to further expense his workout DVDs as a “health care” cost to his campaign. Maybe Mr. Schock should forgo his government-paid health insurance and rely on his P90X to keep him healthy. Essentially that is the argument he is making to American’s without healthcare, at least in his media appearance promoting his Men’s Health cover:

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Mr. Schock’s campaign also paid him over $100,000 for other questionable expenses including a trip to Greece at a five-star hotel.

It’s disappointing Mr. Schock, the youngest member of congress at 30 years old, doesn’t act as a voice for younger generations. Mr. Schock looks like any generic well-seasoned politician just in office to make money by towing the party line. Younger generations, in general, are more liberal on social issues, but not Mr. Schock who is against abortion and gay marriage just like many other Republicans in office.

Unfortunately all of Mr. Schock’s working out hasn’t helped him find a woman as he is still single at 30 (at least according to my Google search). People are going to be talking. Something is telling me the next charge to his campaign will be for supplies to maintain is beard.

Looks like Rep. Schock has a flair for fashion - he color blocks quite well

More pictures of Congressman Schock to ogle at:

Rep. Schock shirtless at brunch.

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