Spotify Offends Users


I’m a big fan of Spotify, don’t get me wrong, but I was just insulted by their recommender system today!

When I clicked on ‘discover new music’ it pretty much screamed in my face you’re OLD! Who wants to be reminded you may have listen to this song when you were a teenager:

Spotify Rick Springfield Markatlarge

And for the record Spotify I wasn’t a teenager when ‘Jessie’s Girl’ was a hit in 1981, according to my fake age on Facebook I was 2 years-old. Even if you some how found out my real age that would only put me at 12 years-old, on the cusp a teenager-hood. I guess I should be thankful Rick Springfield is still living (i think), it’s going to be real depressing when Spotify starts recommending dead artist from my youth.

Can Spotify be more sensitive! if you wanted to make my day you could have at least said Britney Spears ‘Oops!…I Did It Again’ was huge when I was a teenager. throw me a bone here–I’m paying $10 month for premium service. I would expect the insult if I was one of the freebie listeners, but come on! And for the record Spotify I’m formally requesting a ‘delusional’ option be added to settings–so this little mishap doesn’t have again!


The sounds of my “youth”


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