Super Bowl: Is Lady Gaga Taunting Madonna?

Prior to New Year’s Eve, you couldn’t open up Facebook, wade your way through twitter or browse YouTube without seeing Lady Gaga somewhere. For almost all of 2011 we were bombarded with Lady Gaga from Dick Clark’s New Year Rockin’ Eve to The Jingle Ball. Ever since New Year’s Eve Gaga seems to be MIA.

Is Gaga graciously giving reverence to her majesty, Madonna, in honor of her recent media blitz? Maybe. Lady Gaga did tweet, “Looking forward to seeing the Superbowl! The halftime show will be wonderful I’m sure. An excuse to drink beer+watch boys in tights. #yes.”

That’s pretty nice, but you gotta be thinking a person who can’t let a week go by without one media appearance must be getting antsy. And you know Lady Gaga would have given her custom pair of Giuseppe Zanotti’s (more precious than her first-born) to do this year’s Super Bowl.

Gaga appears to be gracious, but it looks like the never-ending buzz about Madonna’s Super Bowl Half Time show, album and movie is taking its toll on Gaga.

A few hours after Madonna’s “Give Me All Your Luvin’” video clip premiered, Lady Gaga tweeted a link without a description. Of course her little monsters are going to click on it to find out what Gaga is up to. The link was to her video “Born This Way.” Maybe that was a way to tell Ms.Thing her video has over 88 million views—let me see you beat that!

Madonna will also be putting her concert tickets on sale immediately after the Super Bowl, which may have led Gaga to conspicuously tweet she will be releasing her concert’s set-list and photos of the stage on the Tuesday following the Super Bowl. Could this be Lady Gaga telling her fans with dual loyalties that her show is going to be just as great or even better than Madonna’s?

I don’t have a degree in psychology, but I would say Lady Gaga is demonstrating some very passive aggressive behavior.  Can Gaga hold tight ’till after game day? It remains to be seen.

Oh yea, I almost forgot Terry Richardson did post this picture of Gaga looking very Madonna-esq holding a football two-days before the Super Bowl. It screams “Bitch, I want that Half-Time Show.”

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9 thoughts on “Super Bowl: Is Lady Gaga Taunting Madonna?

  1. Laurie

    This is dumb. Stupid. Slow. The ‘passive agression’ is SO made up and insubstantial. There is no realy evidence at all. Like, NOTHING. Yet you put across the impression your sure a feud. Anything to get people to read, I guess. You’re stupid.

  2. AdeleBestFan

    Well, the point is that Madonna is a fake artist who was never a musician to begin with. She was into partying around NY clubs, and she by chance found the guy who signed her to Warner, through her club connections. Madonna never wrote a song in her entire life, she just purchases the song credits. Madonna sucks at singing. She is a joke to music. Only her blind fans can’t see them. Even if she treats them like scum.

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  5. IHeartLadyGayGay

    Lady Gaga is so talented. The Madonna comparisons are tired. Give her a break, she’s came up with plenty of her own ideas by now. Madonna is not the only one who is allowed to re-invent herself..

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