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popPlot for Real Estate



popPlot is a playlist for places. Who needs that more than a realtor!

Client Engagement

popPlot will allow you to engage with your client before and after the sale. Lets say you have a
customer that is looking for a place in New York City’s Brooklyn Downtown area–use popPlot to
identify all the listings in the neighborhood. Share the popPlot with your client. Once the user clicks the link it will be added to their popPlot list. Keep in mind once the list is shared with the client they can easily pass it along to their family and friends with the same link or client’s followers will have access to the popPlot list. Word of mouth is baked in! Even after the sale maintain your lists to keep future clients engaged.

You want this popPLot? Click on this link: http://bit.ly/2tgoVSD If you don’t have the app the link will go to the app store first for you to download the app. You must click on the link on the iPhone. (Android version coming soon)

My Favorite Restaurants in NYC: http://bit.ly/2tQHoIY
Gluten Free NYC: http://bit.ly/2qMNUgr
Best Macaroons in NYC by Grub Street: http://bit.ly/2qpxn4t
Hudson NY: http://bit.ly/2urbpjX

note: click on: ∙∙∙ next popPlot name to share via text, email, Facebook, Twitter and more.


Realtime – Social Engagement 

Once the client taps on the Brooklyn Downtown popPlot they will have a list of all listings you identified.

If a new place becomes available simply add it to the list and its updated on both of your devices in realtime! In fact anyone who follows your popPlot will have the new listings. Say goodbye to stale listings.

The client can also pass the list along to friends and family via a link. Or the users who follow the client will have access to the listing. Word of Mouth taken to the next level!

Include your links on email and website to encourage interaction with existing and new clients.

Check this popPlot out: http://bit.ly/2tgoVSD





Simply click on a place and have them all mapped on one map. The client can roam the area checking out the neighborhood and properties before you meet.












Realtime info:

Pull the information card up to see the realtor notes and pictures for the property. Notes and pictures are updated realtime. Let a client know when the property is gone or add new pictures on a whim.














Bring your plots alive with photos. Beautifully display the property.


Who is an expert on the area?  The realtor! Create a welcoming things to do popPlot so your client knows where to shop, eat and find basic places like the post office and schools.  This allows you to engage with your client well beyond the sale and you become the neighborhood expert creating an engagement.

Here is the link for this plot: http://bit.ly/2tS3V6t









Download the app today from iTunes and get plottin’: https://appsto.re/us/6Xs8ib.i

What a demo video: