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Is Eminem Gay?

Ok, I like Eminem’s music–I admit it. But he tosses around faggot and gay boy on “Rap God” like he’s at some alcohol infused circuit party on Fire Island. Everyone knows faggot, similar to the N-word, can only be used by the group it was intended to keep down. Eminem is a relatively smart guy that knows it’s not ok to use the N-word. Rappers don’t play that game homie-they will hunt you down and beat your ass. There is no call from Al Sharpton for your label to drop you. There will be no sit down with Oprah asking for forgiveness. Rappers are badass, they don’t like the talkie talkie they like the fistie fistie. Eminem knows full well its ixnay on the N-word. Given his astute non-usage of the N-word, leads one to believe he is using the F-word properly as a gay man. If he’s not, expect one hard bitch slap from Elton John–guurrlll don’t mess with that queen!

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Team Madonna or Team Elton? [Update – Cher picks a side]

Madonna in an effort to promote her new movie W.E. and album M.D.N.A has been in public sounding bitter, entitled and more arrogant than ever. Elton for his part is sounding like his usual self–a bitter queen. Madonna’s behavior has set off a feud with Elton John, his hubby and his baby’s God m Continue reading