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Should we forgive Gawker?


Gawker-Staffers-to-Vote-on-Joining-Writers-Guild-of-America-East_blog_post_fullWidthGawker wrecked a guys life for being an executive at a publishing company–according to Gwaker.  Would the story have been interesting if he wasn’t married to a women, the almost-affair was with a gay porn star AND his brother was a former high-level official in the Obama administration? No. It  would have been some average guy having a boring affair—that no one cares about. We don’t actually know it was an affair either, this could have been perfectly permissible within the confines of their marriage. It may not be your cup of tea, but your not living their lives. I have to say I was completely riveted by the salacious story for all the reasons listed above. And I wanted more pictures, videos, play by play accounts… But that’s human nature or its at least my nature. But I still wish it wasn’t posted.

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