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I Hate Lady Gaga


Not really, but felt a little left out of the ‘lets trash Artpop movement.’ I’m kind of boarding on being a prehistoric monster–a Gaga fan that’s a bit too old to be fraternizing with little monsters. Case and Point: I received an invitation to be a beta tester for littlemonsters.com. Clearly I’m a “special” fan so I signed up immediately to gush over Gaga with fellow monsters. However the experience quickly turned into an episode of Datelines’ To Catch a Predator. Check out this exchange with a little monster: Continue reading

markatlarge Tweets the Grammys

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience

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The J LO Effect Is Over

Jennifer Lopez was like crack to the American Idol audience, but after its continued use, like any good drug, you need more and more to get your high. Unfortunately America has reached its tolerance level for J Lo. Ratings for the Idol finale were down a whopping 26% from last year’s finale to 21.5 million viewers. Continue reading

Does anyone think Katy Perry’s Divorce is a Sham?

Katy Perry is poised to topple Elvis’ record for the most number ones off an album. Was her divorce conveniently planned so her latest single “The One that Got Away” can shoot to number one? Not to mention it’s called “The One that Got Away”. Somethings fishy.

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