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British Socialite Accuses Lady Gaga of Stealing

Ab Fab’s Patsy Stone, the diva of all divas, shares her thoughts on Lady Gaga. Of course, Pats thinks Gaga is a cheap copy of herself or as one might say, reductive.

Patsy after a night of partying. Inspiration for the song Just Dance.

In Patsy’s opinion Bad Romance was inspired from her one night stand with Continue reading

American Idol Omits A Controversial Lyric From A Gaga Song Again!


For several years I was a recapper for American Idol, but after becoming disillusioned with the show, I gave it up. Now I do watch Idol in fast forward mode, just listening to the performances and ignoring the insufferable judging. Continue reading

Everybody’s Man Crushing on Tim Tebow: Update The Gronk

Tim Tebow in his new Jockey Underwear Ad

NFL’s super stud Tim Tebow is the talk of the country. Somehow this 24-year-old virgin, devout Christian, home-schooled hunk has both women and men longing to be on the receiving end of one of his bobbled passes.

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Get Ready For Gagastock Little Monsters!


Lady Gaga launched her foundation, Born This Way, with her mother Cynthia Germanotta at the prestigious Harvard University. The foundation’s goal is to empower youth to prevent bullying and promote acceptance. Gaga had some heavy hitters on hand for the launch including Continue reading

Blake Shelton Checking Out Lady Gaga Ass/Homage to Gaga’s Butt

markatlarge: due to the popularity of this post I added an homage to Gaga’s butt at the end. Perverts!

It may have been Adele’s night but all eyes weren’t on the newest British invasion. Blake Shelton grabbed a glimpse of Lady Gaga’s butt while his wife, Miranda Lambert, was preoccupied. Continue reading

MarkatLarge: My Most Obscene Tweets from The Grammys

MarkatLarge: My Most Obscene Tweets from The Grammys

Here are my favorite Tweets from the Grammys:

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We know how Adele got her “polyps” in her throat it was from blowing every member of Recording Academy–it gave her a leg up in the voting.
[Love Adele it’s a Joke] Continue reading

Super Bowl: Is Lady Gaga Taunting Madonna?

Prior to New Year’s Eve, you couldn’t open up Facebook, wade your way through twitter or browse YouTube without seeing Lady Gaga somewhere. For almost all of 2011 we were bombarded with Lady Gaga from Dick Clark’s New Year Rockin’ Eve to The Jingle Ball. Ever since New Year’s Eve Gaga seems to be MIA.

Is Gaga graciously giving reverence to her majesty, Continue reading

American Idol: Randy Jackson Fuming Over All the Steven Tyler Lovin’?

How bad must Randy Jackson feel that all these twenty-something-year-olds are fawning all over Steven Tyler, but none seem to go for him. Not once this season has a female contestant given Randy the once over. Steven Tyler who is almost 10 years older than Randy, has suffered from years of drug abuse, is slowly morphing into the male version of Janice Dickenson and has man-boobs is still getting all the attention. Continue reading

Team Madonna or Team Elton? [Update – Cher picks a side]

Madonna in an effort to promote her new movie W.E. and album M.D.N.A has been in public sounding bitter, entitled and more arrogant than ever. Elton for his part is sounding like his usual self–a bitter queen. Madonna’s behavior has set off a feud with Elton John, his hubby and his baby’s God m Continue reading