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Marc Jacobs Splits With Porn Star Boyfriend

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It’s been a rough month for Marc Jacobs he loses his job at Louis Vuitton and splits with his incredibly endowed boyfriend Harry Louis. Poor Marc, how will he ever find a new porn star boyfriend? It will probably be as hard as Louis Vuitton deciding which accessories will get it’s LV logo this year. I guess it wont be that hard for Marc–save your tears.  Continue reading

Marc Jacobs’ Porn Star Boyfriend Meets Lady Gaga & A Famous Boy Band

Dating Marc Jacobs has its perks–you not only get free clothes but you get to meet his fabulous friends too.

Marc Jacobs and his porn star boyfriend Harry Louis attended Lady Gaga’s concert in Paris and enjoyed a first class meet-and-greet with the pop super-star.

(Do you think Harry’s favorite Gaga song is Monster–for the monster that’s in his pants?!) Continue reading