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It’s Official: Most People Want to Sleep With Ryan Lochte and Phelps is Pissed

Ryan Lochte might not be the brightest bulb in the box, but everyone wants to fuck him. This young, dumb and hopefully hung cutie pie has America a twitter. It’s so crazy that when Lochte admitting to peeing in the pool my Facebook feed blew up. The competition is so fierce between these two, Michael Phelps is having a sit down with Ryan Seacrest to confess Continue reading

Advertisers Pick Beauty Over Boring – Michael Phelps vs Ryan Lochte

How dare they! Give us what we want that is. The London Olympics should be Michael Phelps’ crown jewel since he’s on track to win the most Gold medals of any Olympian in the history of the summer games. For that reason alone, Phelps and his 16 Olympic medals should be the toast of the Olympics, but it’s not. Phelps has been knocked off his podium by his less accomplished teammate Ryan Lochte who only has a sparse 6 medals. Continue reading

Ralph Lauren Must Burn – So Says Donald Trump

Ryan Lochte looking dapper in the Ralph Lauren Olympic Unifrom

The Ralph Lauren Olympic uniforms have stirred quite a kerfuffle causing lawmakers and the titan of the tea baggers, Donald Trump, to call for their burning. The controversy was sparked when it was discovered the uniforms were made in China. Trump was so outraged he took to Twitter to share his displeasure. Continue reading