The Future of Fire Island?

The new Pavilion slated for completion by April 2013.

markatlarge Exclusive: new renderings of the harbor area.

Finally, after six months since a fire devastated Fire Island Pines, we get a glimpse of what the new Pavilion will look like. Although we only got to see a glimpse, the glimpse was pretty good! The Pavilion’s design, done by the architectural firm HWKN, has been overwhelmingly well received based on social media. Commentors used superlatives such as “wow”, “gorgeous”, “outstanding”, “fucking awesome” in reaction to the new design.

You do have to tip your hat Matthew Blesso, the straight guy, who is now calling the shots for FIP Ventures after allegedly having a falling out with his two gay business partners. His first major decision was quite possibly miraculous. You can’t get a group of gay guys to decide the best shade of white–is it ecru or eggshell?–let alone the best design for the iconic landmark in the most infamous gay paradise.

Matthew Blesso: Fire Islands Honorary Queen

To be honest, if you left the new design to the gays it might end up looking like Versace vomited-think the Cherry Grove’s Belvedere. Or just unimpressive-think Fire Island Pines Community Center.

But all this adulation comes with a lot of pressure. My friend Shenaynay tells me, “This straight bitch betta diliva or he’s gonna have a bunch of motherfuckin’ mos up in his grill.” Oh gees–that won’t be pretty.

Regardless, the new building is very eye appealing, certainly worthy of a resort that has multi-million dollar summer homes surrounding it. But the vision does not stop with the Pavilion. An anonymous source slipped markatlarge renderings of what the future of the harbor area might look like and it’s quite impressive. Everything from a restaurant hanging over the boardwalk to increased hotel space with some rooms levitating over the pool. Is it for real? Will the investors pony up the money? Who knows? But take a look at what Fire Island’s future might be:

UPDATE: I hope you saw the renderings – they must have been real. I was asked to take the pictures down by DILLER SCOFIDIO + RENFRO citing the images were copyrighted. In addition DSR wrote the images were an  “Incorrect depiction of the Pines Master Plan [and] may have an adverse affect on the positive development of the project.” So there might be something else in the works., or the original plan was too expensive. Again no one is talking. If you missed the pictures look at Pinterest users who re-posted the renderings before we were asked to take them down.

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15 thoughts on “The Future of Fire Island?

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  2. Frank646

    That’s BS. I’m gay and a designer and the Versace-style-vomit-look would have never entered my CAD plans. It’s not about being gay or straight, it’s about being an architect that isn’t completely full of him or herself. Also, being a frequent Pines visitor for many years, a lot of locals aren’t crazy about what the final product looks like.

  3. Jake

    Why are you turning this into a straight/gay thing? Love the plans, hate your point of view on this story. 

    1. markatlarge

      Certainly not turning into straight/gay thing. It’s not the point of the story. Just pointing out a fact. NYT also used a quote referring to Blesso as the “so-called straight guy” in the partnership.  It’s an interesting point. In fact all the commercial property is owned or controlled by straight people.  It’s ironic. 

  4. Sjef234332

    You sound like being straight is some kind of disease. Building interesting your choice of words and emphasis ridiculous. This is a community. Do you know what the word means?

    1. markatlarge

      Straight people aren’t a disease. The old Pavilion and the one before that were highly criticized, both built while gay guys were at the helm. It’s ironic a straight guy takes over, selects a new design and its almost universally loved. There is irony in that. The post was written in fun, don’t make it all political. 

      1. dumblikeyou2

         Seriously, the new design is not that ground-breaking or original. It doesn’t look that far off from what was there before it. Guess the straight design is kindda gay in the end.

  5. Hzkh777r

    It’s a wonderful plan that will provide such a great adventure when coming out here. For the men who are arguing back and forth with the gay/straight concept: gentlemen you have no control over this, nor have nothing to do with the final plan. Come out and enjoy what such creative people have put together and make amazing times.

  6. Illusio

    If you think this is universally loved, you must live in a small, brutal universe.
    This cheap-jack design looks like a broken lobster trap. Those heavy graceless beams are appropriate for a Lincoln Log theme park, but not for the Pines.
    The best feature in the rendering are the large outdoor decks, which are shown occupying half of the building’s footprint – betcha we’ll see that amenity shrink when they try to squeeze a dance floor into the remaining space.
    Yes, the old Pavilion was a barn and a billboard, but this design is hideous.

  7. Abudinny

    I don`t think that it looks so great, and the Pines have been part of my life since 1977.  Looks like the information / tourist reception building for a National Park or something.

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