The J LO Effect Is Over

Jennifer Lopez was like crack to the American Idol audience, but after its continued use, like any good drug, you need more and more to get your high. Unfortunately America has reached its tolerance level for J Lo. Ratings for the Idol finale were down a whopping 26% from last year’s finale to 21.5 million viewers.

J Lo took over the helm of Idol two seasons ago ushering in a new era of niceness that was greeted with a slight up tick in ratings. Idol was ecstatic because it was hemorrhaging ratings for years and many pundits predicted its demise after its most popular judge left.  J Lo’s everyone-is-great attitude was in stark contrast to Simon Cowell’s brutal honesty. The seismic shift in judges seemed to work until J Lo’s second season when the ratings resumed their free fall. It turns out the first year we just tuned into to see J Lo, hence the J Lo effect. But in year two we got bored with J Lo being nice ALL the time and we tuned out.

It’s time for J Lo and American Idol to part ways–it’s best for both parties. J Lo is not going to bring in anymore ratings, and J Lo doesn’t want to tarnish her huge comeback by having the stink of a failing show on her.

J Lo shouldn’t feel bad since the same thing will happen to Britney over at the X Factor. It will be like deja vu: People will tune in to see Brit. Brit will be super nice to everyone. Ratings will go up. Brit will get a huge raise. People will get bored. Ratings will go down.

If Brit could bring a little more to the table than nice–maybe some crazy–she might have a few more years than J Lo. But it is going to be very doubtful with her fiancée/executive producer keeping a watchful eye on her every word.

Will the next Idol judge be naughty or nice? Nice has proven to be only a temporary fix. Naughty has proven to have much more longevity–think Christina Aguilera on The Voice. NBC is thrilled to have her and her frankness back for a 3rd season.

I’m hoping Idol goes mean again (a.k.a someone who is honest) with a bit of crazy thrown in for fun. My pick is Katy Perry – a few years back I created fan page for Katy Perry in hopes she would snag the Idol gig. Perry was a guest judge on Idol and earned one of the best moment in TV for being super bitchy to former Idol Judge Kara Dioguardi–it was great TV – Check it out: Katy Perry for the next American Idol Judge.

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