The Latin Hottie on DWTS Takes It ALL Off (NSFW)


This might be a shocker: there is an unknown star on Dancing with the Stars, William Levy, a Latin hunk who steams up soaps on Spanish language TV. Most famous to the average American for dating Jenifer Lopez or not, he denies the two ever dated after J Lo’s divorce from Marc Anthony. But Levy was in J Lo’s video “I’m Into You” — and J Lo is known to date the help (take her current backup dancer Casper Smart for example).

Levy also was accused of having sex with a 17-year-old underage girl. He said she used trickery and told him she was 19 years old. Levy also claims she tried to extort $950,000 out of him. She said he forced himself on her in a hotel room.

Based on these pictures something is telling me he doesn’t have to force himself on to many women. The fabric is so shear in an underwear shoot Levy did you can almost see every inch of his manhood:

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Otherwise enjoy Levy almost fully undressed!

Check out how Levy acts in his speedos–you don’t have to speak spanish to get this is Muy Caliente!


William Levy in J Lo with legal amount of clothes on:

William Levy on DWTS way over dressed:

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