‘The Voice’ Is All About The Voice–Unless You’re Really Hot

It’s a sham! ‘The Voice’ prides itself on being so altruistic and giving up-and-coming artists a chance to make it solely on their talent as opposed to their looks. It’s not like those other singing competition shows that let half-baked talent through just because the “artist” won the genetic lottery of good looks. Well that’s what we thought about ‘The Voice,’ until last night when a rejected contestant from last season, Dez Duron, got a second chance to impress the judges.

Dez is a good-looking guy with decent vocals, but his voice was nowhere near the quality of the other contestants. Last season none of the judges turned around for Dez’s performance, however after they saw his appearance they deeply regretted their decision.

Dez’s sexy Instagram

From this year’s audition to last year’s audition I didn’t hear much, if any, improvement in Dez’s vocals. But this year he got Blake, Cee Lo and Christina to turn around. It seems like a total set up to me. The only reason he made it through is because he’s hot and will bring in viewers. Last year when he didn’t make the cut, lovelorn teenage girls blew up social media with outrage.

Last night all the judges went out of their way to say how “brave” Dez was to come back and try again. Really?! Is it really brave to come back for second shot? Any contestant would come back for a do over if the producers would let them. Who doesn’t want a second shot?

Dez got a second shot because he is a good-looking dude. Christina’s lack of shock at seeing Dez for a second times leads me to believe she was tipped off by the producers. I’m not buying it for one second that Dez made it through solely on his talent

The producers want to tap into the social media firestorm that was created by Dez’s prepubescent fans last year. The very same fans who were sent into a tizzy more by their hormones than Dez’s singing ability.

Is it fair? No! Will I continue to watch? Hell yes—he’s smokin’ hot. I’m all for some hot eye candy–good call producers! But don’t insult our intelligence by telling us Dez made some musical metamorphoses from this year to last year.


Make the call yourself:

Dez Duron’s second chance audition:

Dez’s first audition: I Want It That Way

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15 thoughts on “‘The Voice’ Is All About The Voice–Unless You’re Really Hot

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  2. Claire

    You forgot that Daniel Rosa is also back and he’s not considered “hot” at all. Christina said last season that she was very close in pushing her button, but they had less places to fill so were more picky. The reason why he got 3 chairs was more because of Blake’s reaction though.

    1. markatlarge

      Once she saw Dez, then she said she was close to pushing her button. Where is Daniel Rosa now? Total red-harring! Rosa voice is better than Dez. But Dez has the whole “package”–it’s ok to say it: it’s not just the voice.

  3. Claire

    + Blake’s reaction explains why Christina wasn’t surprised because by then she and the others knew it was a familiar face.

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  5. Kristin Evans

    It’s because he’s white, not because he’s cute. Blue-eyed soul is like record store crack. See: Adele, Justin Bieber. Note that neither of them are American… They are just looking for the next Great White Hope.

    1. ashley james

      lol, justin bieber and blue-eyed soul are two words that should NEVER EVER put together in one sentence. oh, and Adele too.

      On another note, i really dig dez’s runs and ad-libs, he doesn’t have a voice as huge as some contestants, but he does have a speciality, which are his runs and the way he does them, look at his audition, he rocks it, which vocally speaking, is quite impressive. Join that to the fact that the girls think he’s handsome, and you got yourself a winner, pretty much. Smart choice to let him through to the live shows imo.

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