The Voice: I Think You’re Fat!

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Fat people can’t win even if they’re skinny! Poor 16 year-old Jason Kertson got booted off The Voice for having a voice the size of Meatloaf. Is vocal-profiling ok? Do we need Dante de Blasio to cut a commercial about this?

The Voice is supposed to be about the voice-right!  Well…not really–we do live on planet Earth so we know that’s not true. The four judges were in shock when they turned around and saw the incarnate of Justin Bieber with the voice of Adele. But Christina, CeeLo and Adam were a bit more composed than Blake who exclaimed:

O Man that’s not what I thought you were going to look like at all!

Then topped it off with:

I thought we were going to turn around and see this burly bearded guy–not this kid.

That tells me if Jason Kertson’s voice was a bit thinner he would be on Team Blake right now. Well his voice can join Jenny Craig and come back next year. In the mean time check out his performance on The Voice at the :56 mark.

If you’re to lazy to put up with the Hulu BS check him cover “Wake Me Up” on Youtube:



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