Tim Tebow Consorting with Strippers

It was bound to happen – Tim Tebow is in New York City after all.  What does every Evangelical associate with New York City – hookers, drugs, gays, debauchery. So it’s not a surprise that Tebow was photographed with strippers. It’s not as sordid at it sounds. After Tebow saw the Broadway Show Rock of Ages, he posed with some cast members who looked like strippers.

According to TMZ, one of the faux-strippers was asked to take down the photo because it would hurt Tebow’s image. One would assume Tebow’s PR Guy/Personal Priest/Cock-Blocker didn’t want his Evangelical fan base to get it a tizzy.

The PR Guy also prevented Tebow from smelling his fingers and insisted he immediately wash his hands. Geesh! Give the guy a break! He’s a 24 year-old virgin – at least let him catch a whiff.

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