Tim Tebow Exploits Jets Coach’s Foot Fetish?

It wasn’t too long ago are Jesus lovin’ super stud Tim Tebow joined Brad Paisley on stage to sing the hyper masculine song “I’m Still A Guy.” In case you’re not familiar with the tune (I’m sure you’re not) it includes the “brilliant” lyric: “These days there’s dudes getting facials, manicured, waxed and botoxed. With deep spray-on tans and creamy lotiony hands. You can’t grip a tackle box.”

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Tebow won’t be grabbing a tackle box anytime soon, he was spotted in West Hollywood getting his manni/peddi to look just right for his New York debut. All Defensive Tackles beware the first one to chip Tebow’s nail will have hell to pay!

But, before you jump to any conclusions, you must consider his new boss, Jets’ Coach Rex Ryan, allegedly has a foot fetish. Several video’s of Ryan’s wife were published on Deadspin featuring her feet. It looks like Tebow is just trying to get a foot up on his competition–cut the guy some slack, praying can only get you so far.

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