Tim Tebow got fat, but why?

Tim Tebows Beer Belly

It’s more like a root beer belly, after all Tim Tebow is still super religious.  At 26, he’s still saving himself for marriage and continues to write scriptures references on his face, so that belly’s not from alcohol. Poor Tebow is probably like the rest of us when we are unemployed–sitting around all day veggin-out watching home shopping and Judge Judy.

Tebow was released from the Jet’s earlier this year then tried out for the Patriots and was cut. According to the Bleacher Report Tebow was offered a position in the Canadian Football League. Does Canada really have football? Are they sure it isn’t soccer? I thought  in the rest of the world football is what American’s call soccer. Maybe Canada is confused–but if the games are like this:

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After researching it thorougly-I’m all for Tebow going!  But he rejected it.

Then the Russians offered Tebow one million dollars to join the Moscow Storm. Again who knew Russia had a football team. Even though it’s much more than Tebow can make in the NFL he rejected it.

People just love Tebow–he’s got a list of bromances a mile long, the latest is Josh Duhamel coming to his man’s honor:

Be careful Hoge, Duhamel means business in his 140 character tweet, he wasted valuable space retyping his name–either Josh Duhamel is pissed and is gonna go fergalicious on Hoge’s ass or he’s just not sure that twitter includes your name in the tweet.

The point is every loves Tim Tebow–there’s no logical explanation for it.

A losing team like Tebow’s hometown Jacksonville Jaguars should snap him up on the cheap. I’m sure the Jaguars are a big deal in Jacksonville-but the rest of the world could care less. When Tebow’s added to the roster and all of a sudden you have national attention. If something doesn’t happen soon for the ever growing Tim Tebow he’s gonna be on Dancing with the Stars and look like this:

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