Tim Tebow Poses for A Gay Magazine Again!

A study leaked by an industry insider group showed GQ had the highest gay readership among any magazine. Well it’s not exactly a shocker the magazine is about fashion and hot men–who else would read it. I take that back, I hear John Travolta likes to read GQ during his “massages.”

For a second time GQ got the worlds most famous 25-year-old virgin (who happens to be the NY Jet’s backup QB) to pose shirtless. Even if you didn’t know the magazine was the Gay bible why would you let them trick you into taking off your shirt–it’s a fashion magazine. The objective of fashion is to keep your clothes on!

Do you think Tebow would be surprised to learn GQ is so widely read by the gays? Wasn’t it a big clue when there was a special report in his issue on Why Men Are Becoming Anorexics–I don’t really think that is a straight guy problem.

Speaking of anorexia Tim Tebow is far from it, he’s added an extra layer of loving to his physique since joining the Jets, topping the scales at over 250 pounds! If Tim Tebow’s name wasn’t Tim Tebow those vein bitches at GQ would have defiantly asked him to cover up in the latest muumuu from Givenchy.

Tebow’s build is quite a contrast from Jet’s starting QB Mark Sanchez who graced the pages of GQ, as one would naturally expect, shirtless.

I’m surprised Tebow would let himself get so chunky–he’s very metro sexual after all. Remember when he was photographed in West Hollywood getting a mani/pedi. Or the times he manscaped his chest hair, but left the treasure trail.

Hairy or Manscaped?

Tim Tebow is so good with his man-grooming Anderson Cooper calls him for tips. Is it any wonder why so many straight dudes are man crushing on Tebow!

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10 thoughts on “Tim Tebow Poses for A Gay Magazine Again!

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  4. Richard Honeycock

    this is America if you can get paid for a nude pix and your body looks good enough to pull it off more power to you. The wifey ,moms, daughters, and girl friends or who ever would just have to get over it. Gay women take pix for straight men girly magazines why can’t a straight man get paid from a gay magazine.

      1. T. D. 63

        I have to agree with you! If he’s truly a Virgin I think its this very reason. He’s gay & knows if he comes out of the closet his NFL career would be over. I think his acting like the perfect pure all American boy personality is only reason he’s still in the league. Because he is not talented enough to be NFL QB but what team wants the back lash of being the team to cut Tebow. I am willing to bet once his NFL playing days are over he will come out of the closet. He’s already been filmed kissing his former Florida Gator Roommate! Just wander what else couldve happened on road trips in privacy of hotel room. Maybe im wrong but with all the beautiful women that are throwing themselves at him. He Id bet is either gay or cant perform.

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  6. Sarah Reed

    I saw an interview with Tim Tebow for the first
    time a few weeks ago and was quite floored at how feminine his
    mannerisms are. I immediately thought, “He’s gay and trying desperately
    to hide it.” Feel bad for him because it must be difficult to be who you
    are in football with all the macho crap. Just look at his “sweet” face–he is so gay.

  7. Osvaldo Perez

    Gay or Straight, if he is a virgin he is missing the beauty of sex. He is rich and
    famous, he should be having sex with a different girl (or man) every night of
    the week. I don’t think he is gay. If he was gay he would be having more sex
    than all of his straight team mates combined!

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