Tom Daley is Gay: The Boyfriend Revealed?


Tom Daley GayHe’s Gay. After repeatedly denying it Tom Daley comes out. Most Americans just thought he was VERY European. But several other people who claim to have the super power Gaydar are saying, ‘I knew it all along.’ Well they also knew the Pope was Catholic and the sun would rise in the East–give it a rest!!! We all knew it.

Now the next big reveal is who’s the boyfriend–Tumbler is on-fire with speculation the leading candidate is this guy:

Tom Daley Boyfriend

Tumblr is kinda fickle this guys is also trending or it might be the same guy different angle:

Tom Daley Bofriend 2

What took Tom so long to come out?

Tom was thrusted into superstardom in 2008 at the age of 14 when he became the youngest and possibly the most cutest Olympian ever. Overnight, Tom went from being a bullied kid to Britten’s biggest heart-throb entertaining meetings with the queens and hanging with the Beckham’s. In Britten Tom Daley became a 24/7 news cycle. Everyone, of course, wanted to know the most pressing thing about Tom: ‘who is he dating.’ For a time he tried to skirt the issue, after that didn’t work a girlfriend materialized on another continent.

But at 14 Tom was probably trying to come to grips with his sexuality, maybe hoping a little more time would change things, as most gay people do. Things didn’t change, and now Tom, who’s lively hood is based on teenage girls’ obsession with him is in a difficult situation–can a gay Tom Daley keep his female fan base? That’s really the question male celebrities worry about. So Tom’s about-face on his sexuality is really a first. You just don’t see many celebrities come out after they played the straight card so publicly. If Tom can successfully hold is fan base, you might see a flood of other young stars step out of the closet. Good luck Tom!

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