Turns Out Lady Gaga Is Not Fat

A few days after Lady Gaga’s fat pictures were flashed all over the media–it’s turns they were fake or at best the 3 most unflattering pictures ever taken of her. Gaga responded to the weight controversy via her social media site posting a series of pictures with the caption confessing to ‘Bulimia and Anorexia Since I Was 15.’

As of Wednesday, none of the shows I watched (The View, Wendy Williams or Anderson Cooper) ran with a retraction about the distorted/photo shopped images of Gaga—I guess the truth is not a hot topic.

Today, on Gaga’s social media site she started a section called The Body Revolution. Fans posted picture and shared stories how Gaga helped them deal with their body issues ranging from dwarfism to anorexia.

Most of the posts were legit, however some of Gaga’s little monster have a bit of an exhibitionist streak.

This dude claims to have self-esteem issues. (Boohoo)

Really? Then he should keep his damn shirt on! No one is crying a tear for this guy—but still a lot of people might needs some tissues after looking at this pic if you know what I mean-wink wink.

Several of Gaga’s Lady Monsters were sending their love, encouragement and date request to this stud. Unfortunately you would have better luck finding a straight guy on gay.com than Gaga’s Little Monsters’ website.

Here are a few other hot monsters that didn’t quite get the point of the body revolution.

In all fairness the guy with the sick abs did offer to give little monsters workout tips–sign me up!

UPDATE POST: Why Don’t They Call Adele Fat

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6 thoughts on “Turns Out Lady Gaga Is Not Fat

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  5. Ellie

    You may think they have a great body, but that’s probably not what they think… Self-esteem issues are in the mind!

    1. Natalie Elizabeth Holland

      Exactly…whoever wrote this article…I’m sorry, but you’re ignorant and YOU don’t understand the point of the body revolution. It’s not to single out “freaks,” it’s to accept everyone for who they are.


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