Tim Tebow Meets The Devil At The Met Gala

The Metroplitian Costume Gala was held this past weekend in New York featuring Hollywood’s most beautiful women in couture dresses. An ideal place for New York’s most eligible bachelor, Tim Tebow, to meet the woman of his dreams.

Whom did this 24-year-old single super stud want to meet?

Was it Jessica Alba:

Maybe Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester:

Or was it The Help’s Emma Stone:

All very pretty women but none were at the top of Tebow’s list.

What lucky woman was on top of this red-blooded American male’s list? Well It was none other than Ms. Anna Wintour. That’s right! According to the Hollywood Reporter:

“Tebow said he was excited to meet Wintour, and planned to open with: “Nice to meet you?”  He went on to praise Wintour’s “effect on fashion and what she will continue to do. It’ll be exciting.” As for personal style sense, he’s not sure he has it.”

That Tebow is always so modest, now we know why he was recently spotted in West Hollywood getting a manni and pedi; it was to impress the grand dam of fashion. Unfortunately, Tebow grew up in a strict Evangelical Christian home and probably didn’t realize he was actually meeting the Devil wearing, of course, Prada. Surely, if his parents knew they would have had him read verses from the Bible instead attending such an hedonistic event.

To be honest that is exactly whom I would have wanted to meet too. And the second person on my list would have been Marc Jacobs (you can connect the dots). Marc looked stunning in see-through black lace Commes des Garcons duster with his own white boxers.

I would suggest a thong the next time.

I wonder if Marc was number two on Tebow’s list too?

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