Will Jerry Sandusky be CNN’s Correspondent for the Super Bowl?

It’s not that ridiculous, Sandusky only has been accused of pedophilia, molestation and rape-he hasn’t been convicted. The week of the Iowa caucuses accused sexual harasser Herman Cain was on CNN at least 3 times–interviewed by Wolf Blizter, Piers Morgan and John King. If CNN is going to have an accused sexual harasser give political

commentary why not have an accused pedophile give his thoughts on the Super Bowl.

CNN claims to be the neutral news channel, not really leaning left or right. I can see Fox news having Herman Cain on non-stop–we all know how Fox News rolls. But CNN treating Cain as if knows something, has any pertinent insight to add or anything intelligent to say is ridicules. Cain’s interview with Blitzer was literally the rambling of a blowhard void any useful information. But Wolfe was treating him like a Nobel Laureate jotting down which candidates Cain thinks are fit to be president–like his opinion means something.

Lets not forget all the stuff Herman Cain doesn’t know: China has a nuclear bomb, the president of “Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan,” and much about the US mission in Libya. Anytime Cain was question about foreign policy his textbook response was “I would consult my advisors.”

From an intellectual level he doesn’t even meet the bar to be giving any type of commentary about national or international matters, not to mention he is of accused sexual harassment.

What is even more disturbing was John King’s interview the night of the Iowa Caucuses with Cain. In that interview Cain again repeated the charges against him were baseless. John King didn’t even challenge him, instead he just moved on to the next trivial question.

If Cain feels these women slandered him–why didn’t he sue? Maybe because the charges are true. But I guess he doesn’t have to sue because he access to the “elite” media who fail to have the integrity to keep him off the air or at minimum try to challenge his claims.

So it’s really not that far-fetched that CNN might consider having Jerry Sandusky be their special corresponded for the Super Bowl. Why not? After all he said, “he didn’t do it.” Isn’t that enough for CNN.

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