X-Factor: Has an American Idol Winner

Melanie Amaro

Lets take a look at this year’s X-Factor winner: She had a hard luck story, lived in the south, doesn’t have the stereotypical look of a pop artist and she sang the best. Mmmm that sure sounds like the background of almost any American Idol winner.  We were sold that The X-Factor was going to find, like its name mentions, a person with the X-Factor.

Melanie Amaro who is a very sweet girl and sings well, but she just doesn’t have the X-Factor. The X-Factor is supposed to be that unidentifiable factor that makes you intrigued by the person enough to anticipate their music and buy their albums. And in a sense, makes you want to emulate them, be their friend or have their lifestyle. Melanie just won’t do that for the masses.

If you give a person who can sing well, a well-written song that has been interpreted by a talented artist it’s going to sound great no matter who sings it.  Exhibit A: Nicole Scherzinger sings

Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep.’ Nicole sounds great. If that’s the only song you heard from Nicole you think—Wow! She’s a superstar. Then you download Nicole’s album that doesn’t have well written songs and hasn’t been interpreted by a top-notch artist and you understand why Adele is Adele. Adele who hasn’t won the genetic jackpot (like Nicole) wrote ‘Rolling in the Deep’ and figured out how it should be sung. When an artist like Melanie Amaro or Nicole Scherzinger attempt to cover an artist it sounds like a copy or second best.

Week after week Melanie never did anything original with the songs she covered; just mimicked how the original artist sang it. I never looked forward to hearing her sing, because I knew exactly how she would sound. Melanie is trying to be like Mariah, Whitney, Celine or Cristina who are more vocally gifted then her and have that unknown X-Factor.

Don't Cry for Me--I'm Rich!

Melanie also faces an uphill battle if you look at what’s hot in today’s music it’s not about the big-note belting diva. If some one happens to write a phenomenal song (like Rolling in the Deep) for a female ballad artist its going to be offered first to Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna and many many more before Melanie gets a shot at it.

Since Melanie doesn’t write her own songs and does not have an insanely gifted voice like a Mariah or Whitney she is going to have a very difficult time making it. But don’t feel too bad for Melanie she had a 5 million dollar payday after all—save your money girl!

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