X-Factor: Keep Nicole Scherzinger and Dump Paula Abdul

The problem with X-Factor is not Nicole Scherziger. Nicole is completely self-absorbed, desperate for attention and just can’t understand why she is not more famous. I mean after all she gorgeous, she can sing, she’s young and of course it’s worth repeating she’s hot.

Lady Gaga in Bra = Interesting * Nicole in bra = Slutty - A mystery I can't solve here

Nicole suffers from the pretty girl syndrome: she is attractive and that means everything should go her way.  Lets face it–she is doing pretty well.  But “pretty well” is not good enough for Nicole; she wants to do extremely well like a J Lo.  After all Nicole is younger, prettier, and can signer better than J Lo.  Why don’t people like her more? Well it’s her sense of entitlement and self-absorption when she hasn’t really accomplished anything as a solo artist despite all the doors being wide open for her.

Fellow judge L.A. Reid scolded Nicole several times thought out the season, at one point saying, “the show isn’t about you” when her critiquing of a contestant was all about, who else, but Nicole. Simon referred to Nicole on The Wendy Williams show as having the body of “Jessica Rabbit” and the brains of “Daffy Duck.” After Rachel Crow was voted off, Nicole was so inconsolable she couldn’t even speak—again trying to steal the moment.

After that horrible diatribe you think I would be all for giving Nicole the boot. But I can’t! You need someone on the panel you really love to hate and no one fits that bill better than Nicole Scherzinger.

Nicole delivered–it was Paula who fell a bit short. Paula agreed with Nicole most of the time and was overall pretty congenial with her making for boring television. We needed a knockdown dragged-out catfight between the ladies to pump up the entertainment value like the tension we saw between L.A. and Simon. At points during the season Simon and L.A were viciously at each other’s throats making for very compelling television. Nicole and Paula didn’t have that dynamic, they were more like best friends.

Nicole doesn’t really see Paula as a threat to her, after all Nicole, again, is younger, prettier and can sing better. In Nicole’s mind Paula is nice enough but not really not competition.

Replacing Paula with Mariah is a real game changer. Nicole is desperate to be superstar diva, like a Mariah, J LO or even Christian Aguilera. Mariah, however, is seeing a bit of a downturn in her career, the albums aren’t selling as well, the acting is not taking off and she had to resort to doing Jenny Craig ads.

Mariah is looking at J Lo huge resurgent in her career with top charting songs, huge endorsements and a multi-million dollar America Idol payday and saying, “that should be me.” And it should be!

So what we have here is a perfect storm: Nicole trying to make a career and Mariah trying to revive a career. Can you imagine how irked Nicole will be having another women on the panel who out shines her– its going to be television gold. Those two will be at each other like cats in heat. We might even get to see some wig-pullin and btch slappin.

"I'm hot again - and I'm ready to take Nicole down"

It’s a Win, Win, Win. A win for Mariah – there is no doubt she will revive her career bigger then it ever was. A win for Nicole – her celebrity will get uptick for just being on a major show. A win for X-Factor –finally getting huge ratings.

It’s a slight lose for Paula Abdul, but she didn’t dial up the crazy like we were use to in the good old American Idol days. But she can take the Steve Jones’ role; Paula can read from cue cards and she would be the perfect person to console the devastated contestants.

Replacing Paula Abdul with Mariah Carey would be an unexpected and major game changer for the X-Factor. And could possible grant Simon Cowell his deepest darkest wish–to crush American Idol.

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8 thoughts on “X-Factor: Keep Nicole Scherzinger and Dump Paula Abdul

  1. Jo

    Are you kidding? Paula was actually the only good judge on that whole panel, not to mention the best mentor even though she had the weakest category.

    Not that I think Nicole needs be replaced either. She was fine. If it’s a choice between her and Paula though then there’s no question about it, Nicole should be out.

  2. Savannah

    There is obviously something wrong with your thinking, lol. Paula was the only good judge on the show. Nicole didn’t know what she was talking about, LA always had something bad to say if a contestant wasn’t his own, and Simon thought every bit of critique was a personal attack. I mean, I love every one of the judges, but seriously, let’s be real here.

  3. markatlarge Post author

    Well you have to pick one of the ladies, there needs to be room for Mariah. I didn’t actually expect so many people to be for giving Paula the boot, but as of now over 46% want her to go that pretty high. I think I have some good logic. :)

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